And Now, a Mildly Self-Serving Reminder to Potential Hugo Nominators

It is: 

Hey! Remember that this Sunday is the last day you can nominate for this Year’s Hugo Awards. Here’s where you can do your nominating, if you are so inclined. Don’t wait until the very last minute, however — that’s a fine way to clog up the server and be unhappy.

If you’re wondering what to nominate, here are suggestions from potential Hugo nominees calling attention to their work, and here are suggestions from fans, calling attention to what they’ve liked this year. Also, here’s what I have you can nominate. Because, you know. Self-serving and all that.

Don’t forget to nominate — the more people who nominate, the better the Hugos reflect the wide range of the sf/f genre.

3 Comments on “And Now, a Mildly Self-Serving Reminder to Potential Hugo Nominators”

  1. John. may I drop a resource here? I’d already added a comment in the Authors/Editors/Artists thread before this one was released, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to place it in the Readers/Fans discussion since the book also contains some of my own work. (If you think it’s still inappropriate here, feel free to use the Loving Mallet of Correction.)

    I assembled the 2013 Campbellian Pre-Reading Anthology as a way those eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer could present their work in a more accessible form (especially for readers needing a way to catch up on the field!). Although not every writer eligible in 2013 elected to participate, 43 writers did so… and the volume is offered as a free download in both ePub and Mobi formats, for anyone wishing to consider their work:

    Inside, readers will find 80 complete stories and 2 novel excerpts. This anthology was meant to be as all-inclusive and as impartial as possible, so it doesn’t make any recommendations.

    A supplemental list of another 58 eligible writers is also included, and links for eligible candidates with a known web presence are given. Many writers who weren’t able to clear their reprint rights in time, or who had personal reasons for not wanting their limited publications so freely available, are providing links and recommendations at their websites.

    An additional supplement shows the included works that were published in 2012, listed first by length and then by author, should any reader wish to nominate one of those on its own merit, rather than as part of a corpus.

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