Off To The Library

We’re doing a bit of spring cleaning here at the Scalzi Compound, and here you see one result of that: All these boxes and totes are filled up with finished books which are going to be a donation to the local library. There is a similar large stacking of ARCs which are not able to be donated (because they are not the finished product); those I’ll find a way to dispose of another way. This is, roughly a year’s worth of books sent to me, minus the ARCs and minus the books I’ve kept for my own private collection (which would be another considerable pile, much to Krissy’s exasperation, but never mind that at the moment).

All of which is to say: Yes, we have a lot of books here.

Your Saturday Pile of New Books/ARCs: In Two Parts!

Hey, here are the new books and ARCs that arrived recently at the Scalzi Compound. See anything you like/want/wish other people would buy? Tell the class in the comments!