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Who Will Be the Next Douglas Adams? Hopefully, Nobody

Over at the Guardian, David Barnett is asking why, a dozen years since his passing, Douglas Adams (whose 61st birthday would be today)  is still considered the “king of comic science fiction.” He mentions some pretenders to the throne — including me, which I appreciate — but considers none of us quite up to the […]

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A Compilation Of the Week’s Rabble Rousings on Contracts and Advances

For those of you who don’t want to go through the site to find every piece I’ve written in the last week about Random House/Hydra, bad book contracts and why a “no advance” business model is generally no good for writers, even from an eBook publisher, here they all are in one handy list. In […]

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First Full Reviews of The Human Division Are Out

They come from Kirkus and Publishers Weekly. And they are good, I am happy to say. The Kirkus Review (which, by the way, if you have a Kirkus subscription, has a major spoiler in it for an as-yet-unpublished episode, so be aware) is difficult to quote from, except for the very last bit: A Heinlein-like […]

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