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A Brief Note on Recent Events

Mostly replicating what I said earlier today on Twitter, but it’s worth repeating: A few folks are giving me credit for Random House’s contract revisions, so let me be the first to say: Thanks, but no. At the very least, there many other people and organizations who deserve more credit. In particular Victoria Strauss, who […]

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An Alternate View of Royalty-Only Models

Anyone who has read the site in the last week knows I am deeply suspicious of publishers who do not offer advances, so I thought it would be useful for folks to get an alternate view from someone whose opinion I respect. So: Please meet Evan Gregory, an agent at the Ethan Ellenberg Agency (i.e., […]

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Immediate Thoughts on the Random House eBook Imprint Contract Changes

These thoughts come in no particular order, and represent only my thoughts, not the thoughts of any organization I may belong to. These are first impressions. Also, these thoughts pertain to what I’ve read here and here. I have not seen any actual contracts reflecting the change in terms and so cannot comment on how […]

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Random House Makes Changes to Hydra/Alibi Contracts

Here is information about the changes from Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware, including a pdf of the actual announcement from Random House. The announcement is also up here. The short version: The imprints will now offer writers a choice of publishing models, and in the profit-sharing version of the model, some significant changes have been […]

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The Human Division, Episode Nine: The Observers is Now Live

I have been informed by a source who I believe to be reliable that today once again is Tuesday. Which means it’s time for another episode of The Human Division! This one is “The Observers,” in which — surprise! — there is a crisis to be dealt with: In an effort to improve relations with […]

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