What I Did at Engadget Expand

Engadget has a liveblogging of my panel with Veronica Belmont and Daniel Wilson (with Engadget’s Tim Stevens moderating) and it’s available here. It was a fun panel to be on; Veronica and Daniel were great co-panelists and we bounced a lot of ideas of each other. I assume at some point Engadget will put up the video of the panel; when it does I’ll either link to or post it.

I hung about and caught some of the rest of Engadget Expand as well — really interesting, and I think these guys are on to something.

San Francisco is otherwise lovely. Wish you were here. Yes, all of you. Don’t know where we would put you all, though. Logistics: Not my strong suit.

Update, 6:18 pm (Pacific): Video is up!

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