Reminder: Get Your Gamma Rabbit T-Shirts While They’re Here

As you can see the Gamma Rabbit t-shirts have begun to ship, so if you ordered one, if you don’t have it now, you’ll have it soon. As I am wearing one even as I type this, I can assure that the t-shirt is indeed of high quality, and the graphic is a hell of a lot nicer than your basic iron-on sort. You’ll be able to wear your Gamma Rabbit shirt proudly for a long time indeed.

BUT: If you want a Gamma Rabbit t-shirt, now’s the time to get one, because after the turn of the month, these rabbits go out of print — yes, this is a limited edition shirt. So get your gamma on, enrage a bunch of idjits, and do some good (I’m donating all my net on these shirts to RAINN). You can’t get any better than that.

Here’s the order page. Note that in addition to the colors you see there, the shirts also come in black (and also in pink for men). Go get them!

And yes, before anyone says it, I am seriously considering the above picture as my next author photo.

Here’s a slightly more sedate shot, so you can get a better look at the shirt.

I bought two of these shirts. At least one of them is going on book tour with me.

22 Comments on “Reminder: Get Your Gamma Rabbit T-Shirts While They’re Here”

  1. The combination of the rabbit’s pose and the hot ukelele licks inexorably leads to “Tiptoe Through the Tulips”–heavy metal style.

  2. Hee hee :) I’d very much like to see a video of Lila’s request.

    Perhaps for the next fundraiser you’re a part of??? Pretty please?

  3. I’m sorry, I having trouble paying attention to the shirt because of all the books behind you and that library/office. I’m drooling in envy at both.

  4. It’s like punching yourself in the balls while cheering about beating the other person.

  5. @scalzi despite being a biased observer it is quite fascinating to see how different others can view an action. I believe I understand why you view these shirts the way you do and why your treating this whole affair the way you are. I merely find it amusing.

    Also, knowing your political and social views now, I have to wonder if that was the basis to your drill sergeant scene in Old Man’s war. In the scene everyone but Perry is sent to run laps after Sergeant Ruiz asks a variety of questions. When Ruiz was telling them how worthless they all were for this and that reason, were you distilling down to what you thought made the best man for this age?

  6. Second pic: gamma Scalzi. First pic…Omega Scalzi? Definitely a precursor of the end of the world as we know it.

  7. RacissSteve:

    It’s not generally a good plan to try to find any parallels in my political/social thinking here and now and how I represent anything in the OMW universe. OMW is built with specific rules that don’t necessarily have analogues in the real world.

  8. Mine came the other day, in beautiful Daisy Yellow, much like the shirt pictured. It is excellent.

  9. You look very handsome and manly in your gamma rabit T-shirt. Not -as- handsome and manly as gamma rabbit himself, but good on you, even so.

  10. The t-shirt actually looks pretty good in yellow, much better than the picture on the store website. Unfortunately my wife has banned me from buying my own clothes, so I’m not in the market for one!

    I also find them very amusing, I suspect for diametrically opposed reasons to a previous commentator.

  11. I liked the yellow when I saw it on the order page, and I’m really liking it in the photo.

    Also, there are fewer books in the second photo to distract us all, so we may more properly appreciate GR.

    I see that the 31st of this month is a holiday often associated with rabbits, so that works out perfectly too for GR’s last day of sale.

  12. Huh. It looks much more playful here — in the second photo at least, the first isn’t a great view of GR — than in the art.

    Actually, it looks slightly foreboding in the first photo :P

  13. Going slightly off-topic, you appear to have completed your deflabination project from a while back. Nice work, Slim.

  14. I’m with those who got distracted by the background. My first thought was “Oh, I want one of those Human Division ARCs!” LOL.
    It’s a great shirt, though. I will have to consider one in black so I can be Emo Gamma Rabbit.

  15. I have to say that the “non-ukelele” picture is one of the better pictures of you on this site.

    Good Work.