In Case You’re Wondering

The new subhead under the blog title comes from this song. Happy listening.


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  1. My favorite Crowded House song is “Into Temptation” from “Temple Of Low Men.” It evokes the pull of adulterous feelings in a way that is almost visceral.

  2. @teflaime – works for me (in New Zealand – the fact that we are the home of Crowded House may be a reason, I guess!)

  3. From within Google Reader, it displays the message “This video contains content from EMI. It is restricted from playback on certain sites.”, but it then displays a link “Watch On YouTube” that allows you to click through to YT. On Whatever directly, it plays just fine.

    p.s. I was wondering if I could guest post on Whatever…. Yes I’m joking! :)

  4. Love that entire album… mostly. “Weather With You” can always lift my mood. I just need to remember to stop listening before “I’m Still Here”

  5. I can’t listen to this song without tears coming to my eyes. It is just that beautiful. Also, it makes me think of my Mom, who passed away last June. Thanks for posting it.

  6. That is such a great album. The tour was fantastic, too–when I saw them, Richard Thompson opened.

  7. I for one, was wondering if the previous one was indeed from “The Unforgetable Fire”, since I’m not actually an English speaker and it could have been some other quotation I don’t know about…?

  8. Seconding that concert. Streamed it live from Melbourne, and loved every minute of it.

    Embed plays fine here too.

    Crowded House are my favorite band ever.

  9. Crowded House is one of those bands that made great records from start to finish, not just the song that was on the radio. I don’t listen to them often, but when I do, I wonder why I’ve waited so long. “Can’t Carry On” is my personal favorite.

  10. Another plays fine in the UK. My favourite is Not The Girl You Think You Are. Been lucky enough to see them three times over here, the best was definitely at a concert in a Sherwood Forest.

  11. No comment on the song. John, a picture of a bee? Already? I know it’s officially spring now but isn’t your house still underneath snow?

  12. It is making me happy to read comments from so many other Crowded House fans! My husband is from New Zealand, and introduced me to their awesomeness beyond the few hits I remembered from my clearly misspent youth. I’ve always been partial to Fall At Your Feet. But I think my current favorite Finn song is either Won’t Give In (Finn Brothers, perfectly captures my thoughts on marriage- it means that I won’t give in when things get tough) or Driving Me Mad (Neil Finn solo, perfectly captures the feeling of trying to finish a project).

  13. Recurring Dream”, for me, particularly as it appears in the wonderful screwball comedy Rikky and Pete, about a brother and sister very bright and very maladjusted, who split Melbourne in search of some fresh opportunities in the Outback. It’s a very Whatever sort of movie, about the making and finding of community in the darnedest places.

    It is left as an exercise for the reader to explain why “Recurring Dream” is not to be found on the album Recurring Dream, a Crowded House best-of.

  14. Wonderful track, from a mostly great album. Several hits, and several non-single gems. “All I Ask”, “She Goes On” and “How Will You Go” in particular.

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