Your Friday Cat Picture

Having deep thoughts about the universe, or just looking at a bird on the lawn? Only Ghlaghghee knows for sure.

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  1. A cat looking at a bird on the lawn is having deep thoughts about the universe.

    At least as deep as its claws and teeth will go.

  2. OK, I really thought if I ever commented on this blog it would be something to do with the science fiction I have read and loved since ‘Starship Troopers’ at age 11, but it seems the Internet has other ideas .. is that cat a ragdoll?? We have one, and they’re just the most lovely, good-natured cats.

  3. When my cat sits in the window watching over the backyard I am pretty sure she is busy watching her squirrel porn then having deep thoughts. Every once in a while she will switch windows and go to the front of the house where she can watch her bird porn. Variety, it is the spice of life.

  4. This is the point where I imagine my cat looking at a bird and saying in her best (imagined) British accent, ” No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.”

  5. I know you throw throw these cat pictures up just to get this reaction but I cannot resist

  6. It’s so fluffy!

    I watch too many cartoons with my kids. If you know that reference your a kid at heart too.

  7. I think it’s because the weather’s changing, but I’ve noticed a lot more cats in windows lately.

    Or I guess more accurately my dog has noticed them. We walk past the other buildings in the neighborhood, and suddenly my dog is trying to flee into the street because THERE’S A MONSTER IN THAT APARTMENT WINDOW.

    My dog who stands as tall as my hip. Greyhounds: 80 pounds of muscle; 0 pounds of brain.

    Pretty sure though that if they ever got into a tussle, Ghlaghghee would take him down hard.

  8. Sorry to hear that, John :(.

    I think Ghlaghghee is loving the active newly born birds. Which reminds me I left the patio door open the other night and a male adult cardinal had flown in the house. My dogs were going crazy. I left the door open while I was at work so he could get out. He was gone when I got home and fortunately the dogs didn’t destroy the house! My cats could have cared less for some reason.

  9. @Dragon (BTW, best screen name EVAR – yeah, love dragons) – yeah, I get that reference :) and yeah, I watch cartoons with my kids, too. of course, my kids are both in thier early 20’s. who says cartoons are just for kids?!?

    and gotta say, – oooooh, pretty kitty!

  10. @Dragon: I get that reference because my wife made it her phone’s ring-tone for emails and texts. Every once in a while her phone will suddenly shriek, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” which scares the crap outta me every time.

  11. Wait, I think I just realized that your cat’s name is pronounced like Fluffy.

    Mind potentially blown and awkward reading of pet name remedied.

  12. @Farley:
    Something I learned back when my son had a pet mouse is that apparently prey in the house lacks the proper degree of difficulty, because apparently cats have standards.

  13. Anton du Toit: I’m sure our gracious host will correct me if necessary, but I believe Fluffy (not even gonna try to spell it the right way, so sue me) is a Himalayan. Himalayans are Persians with Siamese markings. I’m on ragdoll #2 right now (lost #1 in October, alas), and while their fur is slightly longer than a standard Siamese, it’s not quite as long as a Himalayan. #1’s fur never really looked “long/fluffy” unless she was stressed out/excited, then she’d look like a colored cotton ball. Under normal circumstances, though, just to look at her you wouldn’t think she had long hair.

  14. Such a beautiful cat. In that picture, she looks a lot like my mother-in-law’s cat Lotti, though Lotti is so shy that she is rarely seen at all.

  15. Nice picture of pretty fluffy cat!

    I am sure that the Executive Committee would give their stamp of approval to this picture as the lighting and positioning are very good with no weird color machinations upon the resulting image.

  16. Yeah yeah yeah gorgeous cat, yada yada … But confess: You painted the trim to match her eyes, amirite? OK, OK, I’ll say it: GORGEOUS cat.

  17. This picture of this beautiful beastie ought to be the perfect bait for Chang who is not Chang, yet he or she has not turned up yet.

    Should we worry?

  18. I’ve been worried about Chang=/=Chang for some time; I don’t remember seeing any posts from him or her since well before New Years.

  19. I think the Executive Committee needs to be called into an ad hoc conference during Chang=/=Chang’s absence. To wit: We are concerned about Chang =/=Chang’s continued absence, and consequently there are a number of cat pictures lacking proper evaluation.

  20. Maybe he went in for the surgery to remove his Changness? Or his not Changness, as the case may be?

  21. This is bothering me too. Can’t we organise a rota whereby we take it in turns to be Chang=/=Chang? I just don’t enjoy the cat pictures as much without the Committee’s acerbic comments.

  22. I think it’s been at least a year, maybe more, since Chang=/=Chang was here.

    Anyway, I think “IT’S SO FLUFFY!” is both the appropriate sentiment, and would get this beautiful kitty to give you the “well, DUH, stupid human” look.

  23. @Jennifer R. Ewing: By appearances, Ghlaghghee is a Balinese – which has no real relation to Bali, and is nothing more or less than a Siamese with a mutation for long hair.

    (My mother had one, who was a ringer for Ghlaghghee – though I think Ghlaghghee has a nicer disposition as reported. Mom’s cat loved her, barely tolerated anyone else, and would generally enjoy about ten seconds of petting before turning around and attempting to remove your hand at the wrist.)

  24. O Scalzi, what a great and glorious picture of magnificent She. We were nearly ready to give you a Stamp of Bedgruding Approval, but then the substance of the picture caught our eye. Radiant She is trying to exit your unworthy hovel to enjoy the delights of the outside world, and you have imprisoned her behind that window.

    As much as we appreciate you posting these photos, especially as a break from your usual drivel, we cannot condone the practice of confining Her Excellency for the sake of a photo shoot, and we insist that you cease this practice forthwith.

    The Officially Unofficial Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  25. Balinese would be my guess – Himalayans have that distinctive flat face. Lopsided cat looks pretty Maine Coonish, but I think he might well just be a Cat.

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