My Alternate Workspace

I noted that one of the reasons I wanted a new laptop was not only for travel but for when I felt like getting out of my own office and writing somewhere else in the house. For those curious, that usual “somewhere else” is this recliner, which is to be found in our front room. The recliner is ridiculously cheap (I believe Krissy got it from Odd Lots for about $100, which is cheap enough that she got two), ridiculously overstuffed and actually very comfortable, and it’s between two windows with southern and western views — i.e., lots of natural light. So I take a laptop, put it in my lap, and then recline and type for a bit. This was how parts of several episodes of The Human Division got written.

To be sure, most of my writing and other business activities take place in my office, because my office is also really nice and comfortable. But every once in a while you need to give your brain another environment. This is usually where I end up. In fact, it’s where I am right at this very moment.

Another Saturday Pile of Books

Upcoming and/or just out:

Tell me if you see anything in there you’re interested in.