Another Saturday Pile of Books

Upcoming and/or just out:

Tell me if you see anything in there you’re interested in.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I need River of Stars, although it’s good for my workload this week that it won’t be out until next week. Not much interested in any of the rest. Bujold is the only Baen author I’ve ever really liked.

River of Stars looks interesting. I know the author’s name but not his work. I think my wife has read some. The picture on the spine puts me in mind of River of the Gods by Ian McDowel, which was a good time

I say it to anyone who will listen to me (which ain’t very many people). The spine is a seriously underrated design element.

First place: “River of Stars”
Second place: “The Age Atomic” (though I don’t really care for the title)
Third place: none

(The picture would be a lot better from a ‘bookshelf view’, than the ‘stack view’.)

“Good thing you read faster than a speeding bullet ….”
Wait …. John is going to read all of those today???
No one reads THAT fast.

I recently read Forerunner Factor and the ordered a bunch of the other books in the loosely connected series. Andre Norton has always been good for a fun, easy read.

I just finished Empire State (one of the few books I bought on my Wifes Kindle) and am very interested in seeing where he goes in The Age Atomic.

Since a lot of folks are commenting about Necroscope I might be checking that series out sometime soon as well.

@Mr. Scalzi: How long does it take you to read a stack like this?

@ Milo Baines
The earlier Necroscope books are the best. Volumes 1-4 (skip 5), The Lost Years Duology, and the 3 Necroscope: Vampire World books. Oh, and Harry and the Pirates. From a Sci-fi/Fantasy POV Volume 3 of the first series and the three Vampire World books are the ones I’d truly recommend.

Most of the series is pretty enjoyable though, except Necroscope: (E-Branch) Avengers. I’d really, really, really recommend skipping that book.

River of Stars, absolutely. The Norton sounds like a nice bonus, and I have positive associations with Hoyt although I don’t recall why.

Meanwhile, publishers, thank you for making the text on most of these spines easy to read. I don’t think it’s just the close-up.

One of the first books I remember reading is Star Man’s Son, by Andre Norton. Ever since I have loved her books, especially the Witch World series. So I’d like that top book, please.

Andre Norton’s been dead for years. I was going to say, I’m glad that hasn’t slowed her down. Apparently, though, Forerunner Factor is just a republication of two of her old Forerunner books in one volume.

I’m reading Shadow of Freedom right now – I will definitely be buying it when it comes out in paperback. Is Road of Danger (David Drake) a new RCN novel? Got to put that on reserve! I’ve got the Forerunner books. Maybe I’ll reread them this week (Just started spring break, yay!).

Andre Norton?! Wow, that takes me back. Isn’t he dead by now? I mean, I remember reading him like 30 years ago. Well, colour me surprised. A quick google search and Andre is a SHE! Used a few pen names it seems, just to get published in the SciFi world. She did die in 2005. And the book is a reprint of the previous Forerunner collection, which I have not read.

River of Starrrrrrrrrrrrs! *grabbyhands* I don’t know if I’ll put myself on the library’s hold list as soon as they acquire it, or just take the plunge and buy it outright on release day, but either way, my husband and I will (politely) fight over who gets to read it first.

Reading Shadow of Freedom right now. B&N had a deal to get an autographed copy for the same price, so I had it on release day. ;) I love the Honorverse even though I can’t figure out why Weber overuses the ellipsis so much.

Oh boy, what a pile! I already have all the Baen books in electronic form, and much as I would like to have them in paper, I am holding out, because I just don’t have any shelf space to spare. I am eagerly awaiting my own copy of River of Stars, which has been on pre-order at Amazon since last June. (GGK always gets shelf space!)

Love all the comments about Andre Norton. My reaction to your pile was “Andre Norton? Is she, like L Ron Hubbard, still writing?

I think the first think I ever read of hers was Time Trader. And then all the Witch World. She was absolutely amazing. A gem.

bonelady said March 23, 2013 at 7:11 pm: Is Road of Danger (David Drake) a new RCN novel?

It isn’t, it the paperback version of the latest one which first came out it 2012.

Wikipedia says the next one is “10 The Sea Without a Shore TBA”

@ NW Frame of Mind

Well River of Stars caught my eye first but I haven’t read David Weber or Sara Hoyt. I’m always looking for new stories, thanks for the ideas.

If you decide to give Weber a whirl, absolutely start at the beginning with On Basilisk Station. The Honor Harrington series is pretty solid through Echoes of Honor and Ashes of Victory starts out pretty well. It’s all downhill after that with the exception of Crown of Slaves and The Shadow of Saganami, both of which are decent starts to spin-off series that peter out by their respective sequels. Somewhere along the line, Weber’s editor must’ve signed an unconditional surrender, because War of Honor was more painful than a neural whip, and I love a good high-seas swashbuckler.

A Private Little War looks like something worth taking a closer look at, although the political aspects might be a little heavy handed, perhaps. The Kay, obviously – in fact, I’ve just gone and put a hold on it at my local library.

A Private Little War, or The Beautiful Land look interesting. You never know how seriously a new writer takes his craft when they had success doing something else first. Hopefully it is more than just a vanity project.

Also, the agency represent the Andre Norton estate too. She passed away in 2005, but her work lives on. Baen is doing a score of reprint omnibus editions of her most well known works. For those interested, we’re currently clearing a bunch of rights, and pursuing digital re-prints with Premier Digital Publishing, who handles Piers Anthony’s digital backlist. There’s a bunch of stuff available now that hasn’t been out in years. They’re currently running a promotion on Andre’s books for Women’s History Month: Free giveaways of an Andre Norton e-book every day, and 50% off all others until April 18th.

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