In Which I Invent the Word “Phlegmnation.”

The definition of which is: The act of cursing someone to be afflicted with phlegm; or, to be afflicted with phlegm, with or without moral judgment cast.

Use in sample sentences:

“I cast you into eternal phlegmnation! May Kimberly-Clark have mercy on your soul.”

“I suffer phlegmnation. You may wish to dunk yourself in hand sanitizer.”

A quick Google check prior to the entry being posted shows no instance of the word “phlegmnation,” and only on instance of “phlegm-nation,” being used similarly to “tarnation.” So I claim “phlegmnation” for all time, for use of all humankind. Please use it in good health, as ironic as that might sound.



Sunday New Books and ARCs

Look! More books and ARCs! Who knew that could happen!

Let me know if anything looks good to you in this stack.

Spring, Evidently Unsprung

I thought that we were largely over the whole snow thing for the season, but apparently I was wrong. This is what it the outside world looks like at the moment and apparently we’re supposed to get up to nine inches of this stuff by this time tomorrow. I am not pleased about this. On the other hand, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere anyway, and we have sufficient stock of Coke Zero in the house to last for two days. So, fine. Bring it on. I will say this, however. Spring 2013? You’re really disappointing me, son.