Sunday New Books and ARCs

Look! More books and ARCs! Who knew that could happen!

Let me know if anything looks good to you in this stack.

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  1. Storm Surge by Taylor Anderson. I’ve read all the other “Destroyermen” novels and I have been waiting for this one.

  2. Do you get these books because you’re a fairly prominent writer, or because you’re President of SFWA?

    Also, In Thunder Forged by Ari Marmell intrigueth me.

  3. ‘Protector’

    CJ Cherryh is a remarkable writer, and I would dearly love to get my hands on ‘Protector’; it’s the 14th novel in her ‘Foreigner’ series.

    Highly recommended to just about anyone…

  4. Got the M. John Harrison on my TBR pile. Never been able to get thru a C.J. Cherryh book .

  5. Simon R. Green! I haven’t read anything by him in ages. “Shadows Fall” still holds a fond place in my heart. Have to look that new one up.

  6. Well, I don’t think I commented fast enough for the Simon R Greene. Do you ever get tired of receiving all these books? Do you read all of them?

  7. To Steve O: Cherry’s books require a certain investment of headspace to get you into the frame of mind of the aliens, or the people dealing with and coping with the aliens. A good start on her books would be Hellburner or Tripoint — more human focused, and the big picture war between the Earth-based Company ships, the colony-based Merchanters, and the Union — a three-steps-beyond Huxley scary utopian/authoritarian society, is far in the background. Protector is the 14th book in a series starting with “Foreigner” and less hard to get into than some of the others. If you can deal with Shogun, you can enjoy this.

  8. Oooo, new Shamon Bond book! (Green’s Casino Inferale) I’ve really enjoyed that series, and now I have a new episode to anticipate!

  9. I’ve been meaning to get to the Taylor Anderson. Have you read any of them? They’re fun. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Anderson at Worldcon in Reno.

    The Simon Green was fun for what it was.

  10. John, at least you’ll have stuff to entertain you while the blizzard rages around your home.

  11. Now I want to read Zenn Scarlett too, though I suppose I should wait for a review. Protector, I just preordered. Now, if only I could buy Downbelow Station as an ebook…

  12. Protector! Because CJ Cherryh is a great writer. Although I’ve only discovered her quite recently, so I’m about 11 books behind.

  13. Harrison and Cherryh. But that just reminds me how far I lag behind in my reading. So many books, so little time…

  14. Empty Space without a doubt, been hanging out for that one for a long time. Mr Harrison is an artist.

  15. Already have the M. John Harrison…currently re-reading the first two books before I read this one.

    And The City looks like it could be really interesting. Keeping an eye on that one.

  16. Mmmmm Protector…. I really need to catch up in that series. The last one I read was number 9 I think, and this is 14? Dang…

  17. I’ll probably start the Harrison after I finish the Paul Kelly (sort of) autobiography I’m current reading, since I thought “Light” and “Nova Swing” were excellent.

  18. I want the Stella Gemmell book, David’s editor and wife right? She did a good job with Troy, and the synopsis sounds good. on the preorder list for me.

  19. Protector! OMG! Please please please please let there be an eArc.
    *goes to search*

  20. I have dibs on the new John Kennedy Toole! New Orleans is the best location for science fiction ever.

  21. Spine design:

    First: No Return
    Second: Empty Space
    Distant Third, tie: The City, Protector

    Big Loser: Zenn Scarlett

  22. Harrison, obv. (Though I haven’t read NOVA SWING yet.) And I’m intrigued by Jernigan because one of the blurbs compared him to Gene Wolfe… which is putting a lot on a guy, but at least it got me interested.

  23. Storm Surge by Taylor Anderson. Nothing wrong with a little alternative history now and then…

  24. @ amergina

    Someday, I will catch up on reading Cherryh’s Foreigner series…I am woefully behind.

    I know the feeling. Downbelow Station and Cyteen still haunt my imagination more than a decade after I read them, though I still hold that The Faded Sun trilogy was her magnum opus. I think when I get back to her stuff I’ll tackle the Chanur quintet.

    @ gleonguerrero

    Cool to see so many Cherryh fans here.

    Any space opera fan who hasn’t read at least some of the Company Wars doesn’t know how thirsty he or she really is :)
    Ditto Cyteen for any fan of social SF.

  25. I read a lot of David Gemmell as a teenager/young adult, so I am very interested to read The City and see how Stella’s style diverges from that of her late husband.

  26. Oh! Protector! Yaaaay! On reserve at the library – must rush over to library site to see if the book is in system yet! And if you liked Cyteen, have you read Regenesis, the sequel? It was great. Can’t wait for the next one in that series.

  27. So you get a lot of ARCs / freebies. Most of them eventually make their way to the local public library (which one would assume by now has the most EPIC sf/f collection ever!). But I’m not sure you’ve you’ve expanded on how much you read. Do you peruse just the ones that strike your fancy? Turn a couple page in most? Read outside of the genre?

  28. Protector, by C.J. Cherryh! No eARC, but not that long to wait: April 14 is the release date I’ve read. About half of the Foreigner series is already out as ebook, the rest will (all going well) all be done this year, is the news from her publisher which C.J. Cherryh shared on her blog.
    Good to know, as it’s well worth rereading.

  29. Gulliver

    The Chanur quintet is remarkable; I cannot think of another writer who could create so many credible alien species, and then tell fascinating stories involving them, without at any time going ‘hey, look at all these alien species I’ve thought up!’…

  30. Simon R. Green! The last time I looked online I didn’t see any mention of his next book (whether Nightside or Shaman Bond) but it looks like Casino Infernale comes out this June.

  31. Yay for new Cherryh and double yay on the Foreigner Series all being out in eBook. I never get time to read paper books anymore and I’m dreadfully behind.

  32. Anything by Simon Green is good; I have yet to be disappointed by his writing style and the believable “humannness” of his characters.