Daily Archives: March 26, 2013

The Big Idea: David Walton

The world isn’t flat. But what would it mean if it was? For his latest novel Quintessence, Philip K. Dick Award winner David Walton resurrected this and a few other ideas from antiquity and took them out for a spin. Here’s why he did it. DAVID WALTON:  The “big idea” for Quintessence came from reading […]

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The Human Division, Episode Eleven: A Problem of Proportion is Now Live

Why, hello, Tuesday. May I say you’re looking ravishing today? I may? Excellent. And what is this? You’ve gotten me something? Why, it’s “A Problem of Proportion,” the latest episode in The Human Division! It’s just what I wanted! How did you know?  And what’s this week’s episode about? Well: A secret backdoor meeting between […]

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