Big Idea Housekeeping Notice

For those of you who have sent Big Idea queries for April/May: 

I’ll be finishing up assigning those in the next couple of days (i.e., by Friday close of business). If for some reason you haven’t heard back from me by April 1st, one, sorry, and two, assume the slots have been filled (particularly the April slots).


11 Comments on “Big Idea Housekeeping Notice”

  1. The grammar nazi in me is just screaming at “For those of you who has send Big Idea queries for April/May.” Must…look…away

  2. nellern – you are singing my song:
    Gammar, Grammar uber alles
    uber alles in der welt

    I usually try to make a joke of it when I notice since I know blogs are pretty informal, have no editor and really are not that critical – except for some reason, pasta preserve me, it sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard inside my head (my fault I know). But humor is tough in type. A certain semi-famous author called me Francis (only one of those letters is in my name) when I tried too hard to be funny about a grammar question.

    John – I really hate the Big Ideas- I am currently 40 books behind on my reading pile & you just keep exposing me to more things I feel bad about not reading! Keep up the good work! (requisite smiley face here)

  3. Yeah, I got a BA in English over 40 years ago (ack!) and I WANT EVERYTHING TO BE CORRECT, gods damn it; can’t seem to help myself. Misplaced apostrophes make me nuts.

  4. Ok, I can’t be the only one… When I saw this on twitter I thought -A book called “Housekeeping Notice”, sounds interesting!

  5. Admittedly new here ,but had kinda hoped this was about an epiphany in how to clean one’s house. Ah well.