Note to SFWA Members re: Nebula Voting

It’s true. And my disapproving face is very disapproving.

Reminder: Last Three Days to Get Your Gamma Rabbit T-Shirt

If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Darn, I really want to get myself one of those fabulous Gamma Rabbit t-shirts, but I’m so easily distracted by dental floss and bits of foil,” now is the time to put down those shiny and/or stringy objects and get yourself over to the t-shirt order page. This weekend is the last time you’ll be able to order these particular shirts — once the calendar flips over to April, we’re taking these shirts off the market. Then you’ll only be able to buy one of these fantastic shirts in your dreams (or, possibly at some point, eBay). Point is, these are true collector’s items. Collect them!

And yes, if you bring your Gamma Rabbit shirt to one of my tour appearances this year, I will totally sign it for you.

I Think This Should Be Obvious

If you announce on Twitter that you are coming over to my site to troll my comments, you should not be surprised at the rapidity with which your comments are deleted.

If, after I delete the comments of an admitted troll such as the one noted above, if you come along and ask me why I delete comments rather than engage them, you’re no less of a troll than the first one, and I will delete your comments.

Also, I will be sad for you that this is your life.