Note to SFWA Members re: Nebula Voting

It’s true. And my disapproving face is very disapproving.

11 Comments on “Note to SFWA Members re: Nebula Voting”

  1. Weird. On this page, I can see the formatting just fine. In my email inbox, which is where I usually read Whatever, it shows all the formatting tags (

    , etc). First time I’ve had that problem, and I’ve been reading your blog for a coupla years now. FYI.

  2. Is there a way to vote in the elections online, or do I need to send in my paper ballot? I was sort of assuming there was an online option but I can’t find it.

  3. Naomi:

    If you’re talking about the board elections, Massachusetts regulations require a paper ballot. You should have had it sent to you. If you did not, e-mail me.

  4. Does your “disapproving face” have Medusa-like powers? Are observers of such turned to stone?

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