Daily Archives: March 30, 2013

Redshirts Nominated for the Best Novel Hugo Award + Hugo Nomination Slate

Wheee! Just to let you know. I’ll be updating with the entire nomination list as soon as it’s posted. I’ll post another entry with my reaction to the slate a bit later. Update: The entire Hugo award nomination slate: Best Novel (1,113 ballots) 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson (Orbit) Blackout by Mira Grant (Orbit) Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance by […]

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XPS 12 Two Week Update

For those still interested in what I think of the Dell XPS 12 two weeks in (see here for the two-day report), a few quick additional notes: * I still very much like it, generally. Good screen, good keyboard, quick responsiveness, etc, with the trackpad (now with updated drivers and configured to my personal preferences) […]

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