Note: E-Mail Choking

So, if you tried to send me e-mail in the past hour or so, you might have had it bounce back. Don’t panic; I’m fixing it. Give me a few minutes here.

Update: Fixed. If you sent me an e-mail and had it bounce back, you may safely send it again.

7 Comments on “Note: E-Mail Choking”

  1. I’m curious about your thoughts on the new Gmail updates. They’re annoying to the point of inspiring me to look for quality alternatives, but so far I’ve been underwhelmed by the competition.

  2. But you can turn them off, right? If you mean the new compose window. It’s like Tumblrfail lite, sigh. I recently was forced to leave YMail at last (haxxxxx) and now I’ve got my main Gmail on perma-HTML mode.

  3. You can turn it off for now. But Google says that it will be permanent for everyone in 2 weeks. The compose window and the reply window suck. Especially on wide monitors.

  4. I first understood this as John was choking his email, with insights provided to the Whatever readers as to why it needed to be done and how to do so.

    Then I understood, but I think my first interpretation was funnier. (and probably something more than a few people wish to do from time to time)

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