Caught Up With April/May Big Ideas

If you requested an April or May Big Idea slot, please check your mail. If you have an e-mail from me offering you a date, please confirm it with me. If you do not have an e-mail, sorry, I’m booked out until June. If you have a June release, you may start querying.

Also, at some point I think I will be updating the instructions on how to query and how to send in Big Ideas, because I need to streamline that process a bit on my end. I’ll let y’all know when that happens.

6 Comments on “Caught Up With April/May Big Ideas”

  1. What’s the big idea?

    . . . always wanted to say that, but as funny as it is, it’s a legitimate question . . . I suppose I need to go through old posts to figure out what it’s all about.

    Or, perhaps, a kind person could ‘splain it to me in brief.

  2. disperser – scroll down the page 2 topics and you will see *a* Big Idea, which will show you *what* The Big Idea is. (a kind person)

  3. Is this what you’re asking? Recently I read an article on truths and half-truths that left my head spinning, so I’ll ask here: is it a lie to say that ducks lay eggs? The point being, when we speak of chickens in a culinary sense we’re speaking really of hens — we don’t, for instance, eat fried roosters. However, with ducks it’s different, since most roast ducks may actually be drakes? Ergo, is it a kind of lie to say ducks lay eggs if we also say chickens lay eggs? Erm.

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