Daily Archives: April 5, 2013

See Me Interview Joe Hill For Booktalk Nation, April 11, 7pm EST

Joe Hill, of course, the author of Heart-Shaped Box, Horns (currently being made into a movie with Daniel Radcliffe) and the upcoming novel NOS4A2, which I am currently reading and is hella good, y’all. We’ll be talking about writing and books and music and ponies and life, more or less. Probably not too much about […]

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Human Division Review on SFReviews.net

The first review of The Human Division outside of the trade magazines come from SFReviews.net, and I’m happy to say it’s quite positive. The book gets five stars from the site, which I am led to understand happens rarely. And I suspect this will be a blurb that my publicists will be trotting around soon: […]

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