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The first review of The Human Division outside of the trade magazines come from, and I’m happy to say it’s quite positive. The book gets five stars from the site, which I am led to understand happens rarely. And I suspect this will be a blurb that my publicists will be trotting around soon:

The Human Division turns out to be not only a career-best for [Scalzi], but one of SF’s most electrifying space operas of the new century.


In any event, the review is also nicely spoiler free, or as spoiler-free as it can be at this point in the novel’s rather unconventional release scheme, so that’s excellent too. Check it out.

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  1. I adore The Human Division and have come to really enjoy reading a new episode each Tuesday. I’m a little bummed this run is coming an end. It was a delightful pick-me-up to get me through to Wednesday.

  2. I have to echo Johne. Tuesday mornings will be less exciting after this coming week. Picking up and reading the latest installment has become a regular part of my morning routine, and eagerly awaited.

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading episodes so far – looking forward to/dreading next Tuesday’s final installment. I’m hoping Mr. Schafer and you are working on an edition of the Human Division (so it’ll match the rest !)

    good stuff all around – what’s next??

  4. Good enough, John.

    All I can say is that I will definitely the next one a try. Hm. That’s a pretty ringing endorsement, at that.

  5. Very nice! I’ve just been re-reading all the OMW books & short stories (only Sagan’s Diary to go) so that, when I have read the last Human Division ep, I can immediately re-read them all and see how it comes over as a single work.

  6. “…each of the book’s chapters leads us, with uncanny skill, to “Earth Below, Sky Above,” perhaps the most emotionally fraught and breathless climax Scalzi has put to paper.”

    Well damn, now I’m even more excited for next week’s episode than I already was!

  7. Yes. The first couple of weeks were rugged. I am a book gulper. I start something and usually finish it within 24 hours. Having to wait for a WHOLE WEEK for the next installment really bugged me. Now, however, I’m really savoring THD. I get up early on Tuesday morning, read the new chapter and spend the week just basking in the afterglow. I don’t mean to pressure you man, but topping this is going to be tough.

  8. Wasn’t at all tempted by Redshirts or Zoe’s War but will probably give The Human Division a try once it’s published together (and in paperback, I buy only a handful of authors in hardback, and Scalzi hasn’t made that list yet; and I consider “special limited editions” and the like just a ploy for authors to maximize their cash flow. Fine for them, but I’ll pass, on principle, and always.)

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