Taking Saturday Off

Because I do that sometimes.

In the meantime, remember if you haven’t suggested a topic for Reader Request Week, there’s still time to do it before I starting up requests on Monday. Make your requests at the link, not in this comment thread, please.

Have a fine Saturday.

5 Comments on “Taking Saturday Off”

  1. Hey, wait a minute…

    YOU’RE offline…

    and Mary Robinette Kowal is offline…


    I knew that whole Ohio thing was a ruse.

  2. I was just reading the comments on the bottom of the BIG IDEA submissions page and that one is either brilliant or you got hackspammed… it’s pretty funny to read.

    I like this place, can’t wait to sub my biggish idea, but I have to wait don’t I? Thanks John, did you and I run into each other at AOL a long time back. The name is familiar.

  3. Gard 3: While I haven’t seen John say one way or the other how and if he wants spam reported, I find that changing my name to “Cally spots SPAM” and posting in the spammed thread works pretty well to get John to see it. He then disappears both the spam and the report. (Of course, my reports aren’t usually very clever.) I do usually wait to report it until I know he’s reading, though, since I don’t know how long the comments-by-others list is in his interface, and wouldn’t want it to just fall off the end, especially on busy days.

    There’re actually two spams in http://whatever.scalzi.com/2010/01/06/the-big-idea-open-call-to-publicists-editors-and-authors right now, the multiple-choice one from that “baratos” person and the one above it from the “support” person.

    Do note that if you change your name, you have to post something else to get it back, or you’ll be falsely reporting spam the next time(s) you post. Not that that’s EVER happened to me .

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