Hey, Wanna See Something?

Type “GammaRabbit.com” into the URL field. See where it gets you.


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  1. Did you mean to put (what I presume is your actual home address) in the domain registration? …

  2. George William Herbert:

    Dude, my address is on this site. I’m in the phone book, too.

    That said, if it was an error, I’m wondering why you think I would appreciate you announcing it publicly, rather than, say, sending me an e-mail.

  3. I realized that shortly after posting, which is why I did email. It’s been a day like that, I’d have unposted if there was a button…

    Regarding it being on the site, I didn’t realize it was (and don’t know where, it’s not on the main contact page).

  4. Happiness: Mr. Scalzi registered the domain and pointed it at his site’s numerical IP address, which then redirects it to whatever.scalzi.com. If this was meant to be the final result, I would have used a CNAME record in the DNS entry. I suspect that Mr. Scalzi may have further plans for the domain. Me, I’d go and use it to do a Gamma Rabbit theme for the “whatever” site. Gamma Rabbit banner, manly Gamma Rabbit pink and blue color scheme.

    NSLOOKUP is the tool I used to look at the DNS records for the domain, if you want to learn more about how DNS works, you can go play with a web version an do some reseach.

  5. A full-on site under that URL would just leave me wondering if you weren’t starting to reciprocate that adorable little mancrush to some extent.

    Then again, I’ve collected enough domain names in my time to know how easy it is to send them in another direction, should circumstances change.

  6. Darn it. I haven’t been looking in here long enough to grasp the significance of GammaRabbit.
    Now I have to dig back into old posts and likely be exposed to clever writing, new ideas, rainbows and butterflies.
    I hate mysteries. *Marvinsigh*

  7. Oh, this is like a THING, isn’t it?
    I thought it was some silly insider joke. What you have is much bigger than that.
    Sorry to intrude.

  8. And so begins the first rustlings of Scalzi’s mad power grab for World Wide Web domination. We were warned, but were placated with casual wear. Today GammaRabbit.com, tomorrow the TDL dotcom!

    “We need hüpfenraum…which we’ll share, of course.” ~ Gamma Rabbit, c.1942

  9. I just noticed something… There’s a shadow image that shows up when Scalzi comments. Look at the green box.

    Or I’m just crazy.

    I could be crazy. I could be seeing things. There could be a mysterious Scalzi doppelganger hanging out inside of my computer, just waiting for the right time to leap out at me like a really strange horror film…

    I think I better close the window now, And, just in case, I’ll walk backward through every door for the rest of the night.

  10. First they came for our Gamma Rabbits.
    Then they came for our Gamma Rabbis.
    Then they came for our Gamma Rabids, and Scalzi had to use his bow and arrows against the irradiated zombie hordes.
    That pretty much was The End, until the mutant Carrots.

  11. You don’t wanna see where you go when you type in ‘rhsd.com”. Really, take my word for it.

    Mind you, it does explain a LOT about said RHSD,..

  12. You just don’t get it do you Scalzi? Here the rhsd goes to all the trouble of insulting you in a way designed to belittle your manhood and minimize you as a person and you just embrace it as if you couldn’t care less what the rhsd thinks. Why are you not so insecure, particularly (if I may quote Mr. Wilde) in an area where an ape is your equal and a jackass vastly superior, that you are not reduced to a puddle of whimpering ooze by his ‘devastating’ insult? Certainly the rhsd would have been.

    Oh wait! maybe that is a big part of why the rhsd is a rhsd and you are not

  13. @Phoenician: Why would you do that?! What made you think I would actually, ever *NOT* enter that url?! WHY?!

    You were WARNED, my little kumquat – I take no responsibility for your bleeding eyeballs.


  14. Ok, I’m dumb… I had to enter the url 3 times before I got it. But now that I have, I am smiling. Thank you. It’s been a bad week.

  15. what’s the big deal w/ RSHD? the Royal Stewart Highland Dancers seem like a perfectly good Canadian dance troupe

  16. Wow, that guy is totally ripping off your site!

    I wonder if grammarrabbit.com is available.

    (Yes, at the moment it is available.)

  17. Gamerarabbit.com?

    (Greg – since you’re often on a phone, it’s possible you’d actually have missed this, but it’s a redirect back to the whatever)

  18. Twilight zone. You wake up in a fake town with a silly giggle echoing in your head. You climb on the train to get away and you end up back where you started.

  19. Schneaky!!! :)

    Thankyou for the info on the “Your hate mail will be graded” e-book the other month, very much enjoyed it once I stopped looking for .mobi only

  20. One does not simply walk into gammarabbit.com.

    Apparently, I need some sort of secret password or magic incantation or something.

    Oh well.

    what’s “rhsd”?

  21. what’s “rhsd”?

    Based on the website that comes up, someone who isn’t too clear on what it means to be a sockpuppet….

  22. @Greg: “rhsd” would appear to be a slight misspelling of “rshd” a/k/a Racist Sexist Homophobic Dipshit. (For those not inclined to punch random URLs into their browsers, the site you get with the misspelled acronym + “.com” is gay fisting porn. Not recommended.)

  23. Sigh.
    It took me three reads to see the “.com” in “GammaRabbit.com.”
    Maybe it’s what kind of person does ‘typing’ nowadays?
    So I launched the URL in in a new tab and liked

  24. >Off Colfax says: April 11, 2013 at 1:54 am
    >I just noticed something… There’s a shadow image that shows up when
    >Scalzi comments. Look at the green box.

    Yes, he uses a back ground image in his posts.
    YMMV, but here, Right click, click or middle click ‘view image.’

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