The Locus Award Poll: Get Your Vote In

Every year science fiction and fantasy trade magazine Locus polls its subscribers — and also the rest of the world — about what was the best science fiction and fantasy works, creators and publishers of the last calendar year. To help the voters with their selections, it fills in the ballot with Recommended Works in each category, but also leaves some blank lines for write-ins. So in point of fact, you can vote for any work you like, as long as it fits in the category and was published in the 2012 calendar year.

Shorter version: Dudes, you can totally vote in Locus Awards poll. For free! Here’s the link.

Also, I will note that Redshirts is on the Recommended List in the novel category, and has its own slot and everything. If you feel inclined to vote for it, I would be obliged. However, you should vote for what you believe should get the award. If that’s Redshirts, awesome. If not, that’s fine too. Also, as much as you have an interest and competence, vote in the other categories as well. Also also, at the end of the poll is a survey Locus runs so they can know a little about who votes in the poll. Why not fill that out too? It’s not like you’re doing anything else with your day, right?

The poll and survey run through the 15th of April. Sure, I’ll remind you again before the polls closes. I’m helpful like that.

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