Me Interviewing Joe Hill for Booktalk Nation: The Video

Here you go. It’s an hour of Joe and me talking about writing, books, axes, beards and corgis. You don’t want to miss it. And now you don’t have to.

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  1. Horribly off-topic

    [And thus deleted because it is off topic, and the link is to a site of exceptional stupidity in any event. But it’s adorable to know the dude is still mancrushing on me so damn hard – JS]

  2. I thought Joe Hill was dead. Don’t mourn; organize. Right? (Yes, I’m kidding.)

    Cadeyrn, providing linkage to the Venereal Disease of SFF is…better not done.

  3. Joe Hill seems like a cool guy! I was kind of meh on Heart-Shaped Box, but Horns was no-holds-barred great. I’ll think I’ll schedule this one for right after finals week.

  4. Interested to see Joe is going heavy illo in NOS4A2. I’m pondering doing something similar with my genre novel, given that in an e-publishing environment there’s not the usual cost concerns. I agree with his feeling that illustration isn;t just for kiddie books.

  5. Hit enter too fast. The discussion of unlikable protagoists made me smile. I had a row with an agent over a unlikable lead – who was supposed to be, HAD to be, largely unlikable. I think readers deal with that just fine – it’s editors and agents that have issues with heroes with feet of clay.
    And thank you for the character > genre conventions confirmation.

  6. Cool. Gotta say the man looks more and more like his dad every day.

    Who was the moderator? Didn’t catch her introduction.

    Great interview Mr. Scalzi!

  7. Hello,
    I enjoy Scalzi’s blog, Whatever but disappointed that this video is not subtitled. I am Deaf and would love to see what everyone have to say. The automatic captioning feature provided in Youtube is horrible and you can find out for yourself. It would be nice if the future videos are subtitled for all geek Deaf fans out there. I know it is a hour long and the subtitles are easy to get online but perhaps time consuming but worthwhile in expanding your fan/customer base to include the Deaf community.


  8. Ashley:

    The video is the property of someone else; I am merely linking to it. I have no say as regards its subtitling, although of course I would be pleased to have it subtitled.

  9. John:
    Thanks and I appreciate that. I have read your Old Man’s War and I throughly enjoyed that and will read the rest of the series once I move to the west soon. Keep up the good work!

  10. Is it too late to say that I just discovered this interview and enjoyed it immensely?
    I also just discovered you had a blog, John..

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