Joe Hill & I Teaming Up for Two Shows in San Francisco, May 15


UPDATE: The dual appearances are, sadly, cancelled BUT we will both be doing separate appearances on May 15. Details here.

If you didn’t catch me and Joe Hill chatting about books last night, one, catch it here, and two, you missed our big mutual announcement: Joe and I are doing two bookstore events in San Francisco, on the same night, May 15. One will be at The Booksmith, at 6pm, and the second will be at Borderlands Books, at 8:30pm (note times are tentative at this point).

How did this craziness happen? Well, Joe’s going on tour for NOS4A2, his latest novel, and I’m going on tour for The Human Division, my latest. We discovered that our respective tours converged at a single point: San Francisco. Knowing that we have many fans in common (and some fans who aren’t in common but probably could be), we decided to join forces (also, hey, we’re friends and we wanted to see each other, too). And thus two separate events became two combined events! Everybody wins! We will have stories, Q&A, and all your favorite Rush and Nickelback songs, performed on the ukulele.

That last one is an inside joke, by the way. No ukulele version of “Tom Sawyer” is actually planned.

(Someone remember to bring a uke for me.)

No, no! I’m kidding!

(Seriously. A uke.)

Speaking of serious, I do have an actual serious request from me to you: As we’re combining the events, we’re doing the two events slightly early and slightly late from the usual reading times. While they haven’t said anything about it to me, I imagine this might make The Booksmith and Borderlands Books slightly nervous. You know what would make them feel really excellent about this crazy plan, and make both me and Joe really happy?

It’s this: If you’re going to come to either event — and you should — pre-order the book(s) from the store you’ll be going to. If you’re an early bird, order the books from The Booksmith. If you’re going to come out late, put in your order with Borderlands. That way you won’t have to worry about whether you’ll be able to find the books when you come to see us, because there will be copies with your names on them (and soon after, our signatures). Point is, I want to make sure both The Booksmith and Borderlands see as much benefit from Joe and me doing our thing together as you guys will.

And you will. I’m not gonna lie: This is going to be a hell of a lot of fun, people. Come see us. And tell all your friends.

15 Comments on “Joe Hill & I Teaming Up for Two Shows in San Francisco, May 15”

  1. The local airport here in Raleigh just opened a nonstop flight to San Fran. Tempting….

  2. I wish I could be there. But, I don’t live anywhere near San Fransisco, and I am contractually bound to be elsewhere that night anyway. Enjoy, those of you who can be there. Make a smartass comment for me.

  3. Hey, Scalzi, Look! The Goodyear Blimp!

    (Ok, everyone, while Scalzi’s distracted, I just want to check on this: The plan is to order one book at Booksmith, one at Borderlands, and arrange a giant party-bus between the two sites for all of us fans, right? I mean, that’s the only thing that seems to make sense to me…)

  4. “The son of Stephen King meets the son of Robert Heinlein…”

    Scalzi, there something you haven’t told us?

  5. ok, may 15, in my city, at a bookstore within walking distance of where i work. if i can’t make it to this event, then i am the laziest human ever.

  6. Normally when awesome people are passing through San Francisco, I take a moment to evangelize for Creepy KOFY Movie Time, our local late-night horror show (which I have a small part in). Tragically, it airs Saturday nights, while Wednesday nights almost invariably happen on Wednesdays. But hey, at least I can get some books signed!

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