New Books and ARCs, 4/12/13

Anything in this pile that catches your eye? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. The Golem and the Jinn was pre-ordered, so that’s a given. As I’m really in need of some old-fashioned fluff, and going strictly on cover art, Pirate’s Honor looks like a fun read as well.

  2. Pathfinder Tales: Pirate’s Honor intrigues me. I’ve played in two different Pathfinder modules now. Didn’t realize there were novels, too.

  3. Ooh, The Lives of Tao, the S-word, and the Golem and the Jinni all look fascinating. Hurrah for not everyone in the stack being a white dude :-) And hurrah for all the lovely cover art!

  4. Another topic for the waning of this week: As covered up in ARCs as you are Sir Scalzi, however do you choose which ones to actually read through? Or do you “scan” or “skim” them all and then choose which ones to read? I ask because there are more books I want to read than I have lifetime left several times over. To keep your life in some semblance of balance, surely you must tightly allocate the time you will spend reading ARCs.

  5. Lives of Tao was already on my list, but the typography and title of The Golem and the Jinni caught my eye. After checking the description this one is also going on my list (and my list is an actual spreadsheet:).

  6. Yes, all of two of ’em, going off their names :P

    I had my eye on Lives of Tao — I don’t know if I’ll like it, but I’d like the chance to find out. Here is where I bemoan a public library system’s slowness to acquire anything that isn’t a big “blockbuster” book…

  7. The Golem and the Jinni. The title caught my eye, and when I went looking for more information it moved from maybe to for sure on my wish list.

  8. The Golem and the Jinni! That’s my “agency-sister” Helene Wecker’s book (also represented by Sam Stoloff), and I’ve heard such amazing things about the book from him.

  9. mattmikalatos, it’s called “Five Autobiographies and a Fiction” and is by Lucius Shepard.

  10. Just pre-ordered The Golem and the Jinni. From the description, it looks like it’s made of awesome.

  11. Golem, along with the rest of the world, Five autobiographies and a fiction sounds promising too.

  12. The Golem and The Jinni definitely sounds intriguing. It’s on my Amazon wish list for the moment, but if I happen to be in a B&N or I see it on Larry Smith’s table, I’ll get it.


    But Helene is one of my college friends. (In fact, she’s the person who first introduced me to Whatever, by e-mailing me the link to the Tinky-Winky rant.)

    I’m also intrigued by the title “Twinmaker.”

  14. In my PERSONAL OPINION, my scalzi should focus on the jinni. idk. i like scalzi’s pynchon series, inlucding gravity’s rainbow and THE CRING of lot 49. epic. plus, infinite jest. THATS EPIC. mr scalzi is the man. I love you,John Scalzi. Thanks for providing the best p ;log on the internet. I a appreciate this shit. With HARDCORE MODERATION it makes i unveriabfale. and no wishy washy bull shit.

  15. Some nice spines in this batch. It will be easier start with the ones I don’t like.

    Worst: Five Biographies and a Fiction
    Next worst: Zenn Scarlett

    Best spines? Tough choices.
    First, Second, Third — tie: the Lives of Tao, the s-word, Twinmaker
    I like all of these spines a lot. Interestingly, I don’t care for the covers of any of them – at all.

    Honorable Mention for spine and overall winner: The Golem and the Jinni (Great cover!)

    Arclight has an interesting cover. Not saying that I like it exactly – but find it interesting.

  16. The spine for Arclight got my attention but I’ve given up on amnesiac main characters so Meh!

    Five autobiographies and a fiction has a lousy spine that I can’t read but it sounds interesting and might make my summer list, I liked the cover art.

    Golem and the Jinni appeals.

  17. Twinmaker by Williams. I’m am identical twin, mom was an identical twin. No way that I am not checking that out as soon as possible.

  18. Twinmaker: A) intriguing title, and B) “Williams” might be Walter Jon, and I’ll pretty much buy anything by WJW, sight unseen, despite the fact that he is one of the most inconsistent writers I’ve ever encountered, in terms of everything but quality. Or possibly because he’s one of the most inconsistent writers….

  19. I’m a little startled to see The Golem and the Jinni in first place. That’s the title that grabbed me, sort of, but no one has mentioned a reaction like mine.
    Two figures from cultures far from the American mainstream, both easy to do poorly and tricky to do well . . . It’s an intriguing title, but knowing nothing else, I’d open it gingerly.

  20. The word “golem” always gives me a little thrill. (*ahem* In a non-kinky way. *ahem*)

  21. I got the Lucius Shepard book, “Five Autobiographies and a Fiction” in the mail from the publisher Friday afternoon. It has a story in it called “Dog-Eared Paperback of My Life” which I read in the “Other Earths” anthology two or three years ago, and the thing has haunted me ever since; one of the best things that Shepard’s ever written, and I’m happy to have it betwixt hard covers.

  22. The Golem and the Jinn? These are elementals of Earth and Air. What on earth are they doing together? Hand over that book, sir, I want to read it.

    Pirate’s Honor – I didn’t know real-life pirates had any. On the other hand, fictional pirates, yay.

  23. golem and the jinn look very interesting…anything with golems tends to be good
    (he, she, and it is one of my favorite books; and the adventures of cavalier & clay is also good :)

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