Blossoms With Bee

Today is the day blossoms on my dwarf cherry tree are fully open, with others on their way, and the bees are doing their pollination work. Very pretty. Thought you might enjoy the view today.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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In Springfield (Oregon, not Ohio), our cherry, plum, and apple petals have already given their all, succumbed to yesterday’s winds. My wife’s car looks like she drove through a festival.

Sadly, we’ve yet to see a single bee. Ants aplenty, though.

Many thanks, John; it really does help.

Almost 27 years ago I was blown up by an exploding oxygen regulator; I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time. We all survived, thanks to the courage of the mechanic who had just fitted the regulator to a fresh oxygen cylinder; his burns were a great deal worse than mine, but he managed to close off the cylinder before everything blew.

I was treated for PTSD for several years, and even after all this time I still get the usual sorts of flashbacks and nightmares on the usual triggers.

I know that my therapist would have heartily approved of these two beautiful pictures, not only for their beauty, but also as something to focus upon as balm to the soul. I shall go to sleep tonight with Her Highness in my mind’s eye, framed in cherry blossom with bees, and fully expect Her to see off any attempt to usurp Her rightful occupancy of my brain. It really does help, and thank you…

My one colony that was doing so well didn’t survive the winter. I know they didn’t starve, there was over 70 pounds of honey on the hive. There just weren’t that many bees in the hive, and I think they had a problem with varroa mites. I didn’t treat because I don’t like putting chemicals in the hive, and if there’s honey that I intend to harvest, I won’t put chemicals in there.

I woke up to snow this morning. Again. I think I hate you now.

On the other hand, nice picture, makes me long for summer. Whatever week that is this year…

Thank goodness that the birds of prey are now doing fine here.
The squirrels (those that are left) are now plump and healthy looking.
A few years ago there were /so/ many more squirrels and they all looked like Twiggy,
poor things.
And with the controlled squirrel population my almond trees are doing better.
Starving squirrels fighting ripped off a lot of the leaves, hurt the trees.
This year, the two trees are up to doing an OK job of blooming.
Still a bit sparse, I’ll have to prune, but? Good raptors, thank you white thing that
is shaped like a hawk but colored like a whitish owl.

Nice! I planted two cherry trees this spring, but they look more like little green twigs right now. Maybe I’ll take this picture outside as a hint about what they’re supposed to be doing.

I spent the day in and around Corvallis, OR admiring the cherry trees in magnificent bloom. (Though I don’t think it’s been a cold enough winter for actual fruit to pop up.)

And I’ve noticed a fair number of blackjack bumblebees meandering around every time I go outside at home. This is a good sign.

gleonguerrero says:
>There is no finer fragrance than that of cherry blossoms in full bloom

Not to disagree with you but to be all about a top ten list.
Roses what got scent are above cherry blossoms, IMO.
And lavender and honeysuckle have a place.
Do peach blossoms have a perfume.

And are things better than fat free boneless skinless chicken breasts
with rose hips liqueur. But not many.

So glad to see that it’s spring somewhere. It snowed again today in South Dakota. Go read a poem in honor of spring (or something) — it’s National Poem-in-Your-Pocket Day.

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