My Appearance Schedule This Weekend at the LA Times Festival of Books

Reminder to those of you in or near the Los Angeles area: I will making an appearance at The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this weekend. Specifically, I will be all over that bad boy on Sunday, with the following appearances:

1:30 pm: Signing books at the Mysterious Galaxy booth (#368)

3pm: John Scalzi in Conversation with Richard Kadrey (Ronald Tutor Campus Center): When the writer of Sandman Slim and the writer of Redshirts get together to talk, you know it’s going to go off the rails in pretty awesome ways. I’m just saying.

4pm: More book signing! Probably very close to wherever the Ronald Tutor Campus Center is.

Admission to the LA Times Festival of Books is free — however you will need a ticket for my event. You can get them here (my conversation is #2064). The page to buy tickets does charge a $1 service fee. Sorry about that. I promise to be more than $1 worth of entertaining. My signings are free, although I suppose it helps if you bring something for me to sign.

Please come around and see me! It will be fun.

If you can’t make it this weekend, remember I will be back in LA for my book tour — which kicks off May 14 at the Mysterious Galaxy store in Redondo Beach. Please note that my Redondo Beach event is a numbered event — click on that last link to find out what that means.

6 Comments on “My Appearance Schedule This Weekend at the LA Times Festival of Books”

  1. Will will you be flapping your arms wildly, like flailing mini-Cthulhu tentacles, again this year … Prompted only by the memory of getting a particularly good deal on a ukulele? Thus alarming and amusing your co-panelists, and leading to the filing of several restraining orders?

    ‘Cause if you can promise that, baby, I am all in.

    That’s some quality entertainment bang for the buck right there.

  2. As happy as I am that you will be at the LATFoB again this year, I’m rather sad that there won’t be another panel with you and Maureen Johnson both on it. :p

  3. Hi Scalzi! We’re not able to make the FOB this year, but we’ll see you in San Diego next month!

    The Kirks

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