13 for 13

I checked this morning and saw that “Earth Below, Sky Above,” the final episode of The Human Division, made it onto the USA Today bestseller list this week. This means that all thirteen episodes hit that particular bestseller list, one a week, for thirteen straight weeks. That’s pretty sweet.

And in fact, I pretty strongly suspect it might be a record of some sort. I mean, I suppose it’s possible that someone else has gotten on to the USA Today bestseller list with a new title a week for thirteen consecutive weeks; I haven’t checked. But given how things have usually been published up to this point in the US, I have to say I think it’s actually really unlikely. On the other hand, if the serial format takes off, I might eventually lose the record. That’s fair. Until then: Mine, baby. I will take it.

So to those of you who followed along episodically: Thank you. You’ve officially made my day.



By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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“So to those of you who followed along episodically: Thank you. You’ve officially made my day.”

Seems the least we could do, considering how much better you made 13 Tuesdays for us.

Congratulations, John. I’m holding out for the hardback (thank you, birthday in May!) but news like this makes the anticipation that much greater.

John, if you want to keep that record, why not serialise your next “season” over a year?
(Of course, this would make for 10-page, very short stories.)

But why stop there?
Why not once a week for a decade?
I guess the only drawback is that readers might lose interest in reading one page at a time…

Congrats! Honestly, I was kind of disappointed when I realized there would be no new installment this week. I didn’t think I’d like the serial concept as much as I did, honestly. My only real complaints were the lack of a single unified ‘subscription’ and no real way to combine the pieces into a single volume after the fact. I’d love if there were some sort of upgrade option from the resellers, so my nook wouldn’t have so many volumes after the fact (which I realize is a technical limitation of them and nothing to do with you or even Tor, necessarily). I’ll use calibre to make a single volume, but you I wish I didn’t have to do it.

It’s great to see this happen. It is an outstanding Serial! The only problem I have is that there are no more at present!!! I miss looking forward every Tuesday morning to it being in iBooks. It would be there smiling at me saying “Read Me Now!”. Now tears are running down my cheeks at that thought. Oh well I’ll get over it.

Now for my next suggestion:
Get your buddy Wil Wheaton to get you a guest spot on Big Bang Theory. Then get a restraining order for Sheldon. That would be worth a lot.

Thank you! I never really looked forward to Tuesdays before. I second the Big Bang Theory suggestion. I’m sure at least a couple of the guys must be OMW fans.

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