Daily Archives: April 18, 2013

Some Unhappy News About Joe Hill and John Scalzi in San Francisco

Folks: Some bad news on this end — Because of various scheduling issues that we didn’t properly anticipate, it turns out that Joe and I aren’t going to be able to do the joint appearances we had hoped to do in San Francisco on May 15. This makes both me and Joe sad; we were […]

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Gamma Rabbit T-Shirt Donation Update

For those of you who ordered Gamma Rabbit T-Shirts, you’ll be pleased to know that today I made a $300 donation to RAINN, that amount being my cut of the t-shirt profits. RAINN, in case you don’t know, is the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, dedicated to helping those who have been sexually assaulted  It’s […]

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What To Get The Birthday Girl Who Has Everything

A kitchen sink, quite obviously. And yes, it is my lovely wife’s birthday today. If you desire to wish her fair returns on the day, I would not look askance of it.

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13 for 13

I checked this morning and saw that “Earth Below, Sky Above,” the final episode of The Human Division, made it onto the USA Today bestseller list this week. This means that all thirteen episodes hit that particular bestseller list, one a week, for thirteen straight weeks. That’s pretty sweet. And in fact, I pretty strongly […]

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