Some Unhappy News About Joe Hill and John Scalzi in San Francisco


Some bad news on this end — Because of various scheduling issues that we didn’t properly anticipate, it turns out that Joe and I aren’t going to be able to do the joint appearances we had hoped to do in San Francisco on May 15. This makes both me and Joe sad; we were both looking forward to the events, and we’re sorry we couldn’t make it work this time around. BUT we will both still be doing our separate events: Joe at Booksmith and me at Borderlands Books. Check their sites for the updated information.

Sorry again — but look forward to seeing you in San Francisco regardless.

18 Comments on “Some Unhappy News About Joe Hill and John Scalzi in San Francisco”

  1. “No one has ever made that joke before.”

    I regret to say I have. I think of it every time I see his name, and I finally told him so on Twitter. I’ve managed to keep from mentioning it more than once, until now. But having a Joan Baez rendition start up in my head on a regular basis is just too weird.

  2. Maybe the two of you could Skype each other at your separate events. Ask each other questions relevant for the different events. Sing “Redshirts” together or whatever it was you were planning to do at the joint event.

  3. Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out. Now, if someone’s UK publisher hadn’t already had dibs for Memorial Day weekend, it might have been possible in Phoenix this year. Let’s see what might happen in 2014….

  4. What is it with awesome things I want to go to always happening on weeknights? I’m bummed that I can’t make the 2 hour drive to SF to see you because it’s a Wednesday!

  5. This unhappy news could be easily offset by announcing that the two of you have decided to bury your respective axe & hatchet (I’m with you by the way, Joe has a hatchet) and are pleased to announce you will be co-authoring a book together.

    The mind reels at the possibility.

  6. Ell: Joan Baez? No, the Paul Robeson rendition is what I get. That gorgeous deep voice…

  7. I see you’re going to be in the Bay Area for a few days on tour. Any interest in stopping by Google HQ and talking to a bunch of Googlers while you’re nearby?

  8. When I first saw the name Joe Hill, I immediately thought of that Joe Hill. I can honestly say I’ve never verbalized the obvious line, though. And my thoughts upon first seeing a picture of Joe Hill are perhaps best left for my slash fiction page… ;)

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