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I’ll be away from the blog today on account that today’s my busy day at the LA Times Festival of Books. If you’re at the Festival today remember to come say hello! Here’s my schedule. I may tweet a little bit though. We’ll see.

Have a good Sunday and see you tomorrow.

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  1. Been there, done that (Monday here already when you posted that ;-p).
    I fell asleep at 1am trying to finish The Observers, no reflection on the content/material (yeah, yeah, I know I’m a slow poke :).

  2. Question for when you get back. I purchased the individual “Human Division” titles from Amazon on the Kindle and it says “Lending: Not Enabled”. I’d like to share them with my wife on her iPad. I thought these were supposed to be DRM free. Am I missing something? Do I need to contact Amazon (hahahahahahahahaha, excuse me. Hahahahahahaha)? Also, is there any way to consolidate the individual chapters into one kindle book? Thanks.

    Okay, that works in this browser. Good.
    Publication Date: 20 Jun 2013. The Long War by Pratchett and Baxter.
    Sequel to ‘Long Earth’ is now available for preorder from .
    IME is much better than the USA for all things Pratchett/Brit.
    I can get a Pratchett book shipped here from a UK bookstore before the USA publishers will
    admit that it exists, and the UK has British author stuff that
    (the USA one) swears does not exist.

    This is somewhat of an aside. Go by language. Anyone who wants a book in the author’s
    native tongue gets it as soon as it is published.
    Other languages? Soon as translated.
    I thing that I’ve noticed with “[piracy]” is that people go with what I noticed about Dr Who
    a few hundred years ago. -_- Fifty! -_-
    Wasn’t available here in the USA, and the BBC UK told me to fuck off when I tried to give
    them money.
    So, I, of course, waited for Dr Who to become legally available on here in the USA, and
    watched those episodes years later when I could legally do so.

  4. Great interview today! I wanted to say hi and shake your hand, but then I, too, got all shy and starstruck… and then my stupid Navy training kicked in and all I could say was “Sir!” and give you a nod. Yep, I’m a hopeless dork. But thanks for smiling and saying hi as you walked by :)

  5. >stoicjim says: April 21, 2013 at 9:57 pm
    >Question for when you get back. I purchase the individual “Human
    >Division” titles from Amazon on the Kindle and it says “Lending: Not
    I haven’t read the A. TOS this century but you are wrong on saying that
    you bought it.
    You purchased a license to view it, you did not buy it.

    >Also, is there any way to consolidate the individual chapters into one
    >kindle book?

    I suggest buying the book. Easiest.
    On your Kindle? Not that I’ve ever heard of (I don’t listen).
    On a computer? Yes.

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