Daily Archives: April 23, 2013

Big Idea Gender Breakdown

Via Annalee Newitz’s Twitter feed, I see that Strange Horizons has done a gender breakdown of reviews in SF publications, and learns that more sf/f by men is reviewed than sf/f by women. This made me curious as to how my Big Idea feature here at Whatever has been doing, gender-wise, in terms of authors/editors […]

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Yardwork, 4/23/13

No, not by me. I have allergies (which reminds me, time to take my Claritin for the day. Okay, there we go). But others are here to do a little work for me. This fellow for example, is doing a bit of reseeding; there are some bald patches in the lawn due to a few […]

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Kitchen After, 4/23/13

I know some of you have been waiting days to see the final results of the kitchen counter rehab, and so, to make you happy, here it is. For contrast, here’s what the kitchen looked like before, and during the rehab. The end result is, I should say, very nice when you’re up close to […]

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