Me at the Guardian and LA Times

I’m showing up at a couple of news outlets today, so let me share those with you.

One, here’s a video interview I did with Carolyn Kellogg of The Los Angeles Times, mostly talking about The Human Division. Please to admire my fine apparel.

Two, The Guardian has a piece on the changing world of eBooks, with quotes from me specifically about the concept of “second hand eBooks.”


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  1. You look like you’re half the man you used to be. How do you manage that with all the churros?

  2. You’ve got some fantastic quotes in the Guardian, I saw this morning! I particularly liked this bit of the article:

    John Scalzi … (it was on his blog where the reader’s mind fell over).

  3. Wiredog:

    Diet and exercise, i.e., the boring way. You can have churros when you’re watching oyur weight. You just can’t have a dozen of them.

  4. I have often wished to have both the physical book for posterity and the digital book for convenience and wish there was an option to receive the digital version with the purchase of the physical version. Similar to how I can buy a physical cd and put the music onto my computer and ipod -now I have both. Buying digital only makes me nervous for when the format goes away, particularly for those books I plan to read again and/or find I want to keep in a library for my nephews when they get older. Half the fun of visiting my grandparents was choosing a random book from their bookshelves and getting lost in something new. How is that going to happen now? The idea of a personal library is changing and I’m not sure I like it as much when I don’t get an option to own it without paying double. I’m not sure that’s entirely fair.

  5. Y’know, my doctor was telling me about this radical new “Eat Less, Exercise More” diet plan. Apparently all the hipsters are doing it these days. Wearing spandex. On the W&OD Trail.

  6. I have found that the only way for me to lose weight and keep it off is to include weight lifting. When I diet and just lose weight, I lose muscle too. I find that if I add weights, which makes me hungrier, I generally lose weight slower, but its easier to keep it off.

  7. I think you interviewed very well.

    Now that I’ve had some time to think about the ‘digital resale’ of a book the more I think you were correct in your initial blog on it. When I recently read Dan Ariely’s book “Predictably Irrational” it put the argument into a context where I understood why the paper copy is so unlike the digital copy.

    Most people won’t steal cash but more people are likely to steal incidentals like pens or even non-cash instruments (think credit card number) and it’s easier for them to do it and justify it to themselves. It would be a similar experience to people sharing mp3’s in that it hurts an artist when you don’t buy their album or song but you wouldn’t go and rob the merch table’s cash drawer at the concert because then you’re stealing directly from the band.

  8. Just watched the LAT FoB interview and I’m thrilled you praised Mark Helprin’s Winter’s Tale. I love love love that book and have found very few people who’ve read it. I’ve pressed it on some friends but didn’t get the reaction I’d hoped, so it’s been my little secret (I thought) since I read it in the early 80s. I’m enjoying this feeling of affinity. And obviously I need to go reread it right now.

    PS I’m with @Jerry Critter, though — the wavy background could easily have made me seasick. Yikes!

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