My Weekend Schedule at C2E2 and University of Chicago

Hey, if you’re in the Chicagoland area this weekend, you’ll have a chance to see me at C2E2, where I will be signing and doing a panel, and, if you are a University of Chicago student, at the UofC, where I will be doing a chat. Here is my official schedule.

Friday at University of Chicago:

4:00pm: Roundtable discussion, Taft House, Midway Room 108.

Please note this is for University of Chicago students only — and if you are a student, they would surely love for you to RSVP (so they know how many snacks to get). Here’s where to RSVP online.


Saturday at C2E2:

4:30pm: FUTURTISTIC FRIGHT: Science-Fiction Novelists Imagine Far-Future Worlds

Panel Location: W475b

Speakers: Alex Hughes, John Scalzi

Moderator: Colleen Lindsay

Description: Get your fill of Telepaths, Tech Wars, space odysseys and alien forces on this science fiction panel. What happens when technology takes over, aliens invade, and civilizations are on the brink of destruction? Authors discuss the technological catastrophes, supernatural occurrences, and galaxy quests in the pages of their science-fiction.

6:00pm: Signing (in the autograph area).

I’m also likely to be around for at least part of Sunday, wandering around and causing no end of mischief.

See you in Chicago, folks!


7 Comments on “My Weekend Schedule at C2E2 and University of Chicago”

  1. I’ve been looking forward to the panel/signing for weeks! I dragooned one of my buddies into going as well.

  2. What happens when technology takes over, aliens invade, *and* civilizations are on the brink of destruction?

    All three at once??? Man, what a statistically improbable shitty day.

  3. College was a long time ago for both you and me.
    When was the last time you went back to your old campus? Will you wonder around lost in your past? Will you try to find an old professor and thank them for the impact you made on your own life?
    Will you wonder how things changed on the campus?
    I did several of these items. It was unfortunate that Dr. Brown was on sabbatical when I went to see her. My other professors have long since retired and some of passed on.

  4. If you have time before your discussion tomorrow, as head of the new tech-heavy library on campus, I’d be more than happy to give you a tour.