Rainbow, 4/24/13

I see some cool stuff from my front yard sometimes.

Larger versions are here. Feel free to use ’em for computer wallpapers if you like.

21 Comments on “Rainbow, 4/24/13”

  1. Do you mind if people slap some of your sunrises or sunsets on Pinterest, with a link to the original image, or would you rather not have your Flickr stream released into the wild like that?

  2. Gorgeous.
    That’s the beauty of working at home. :) I have my workstation in my front window so I can see the bird feeder. Its very relaxing.

  3. Wait, nobody’s noted yet that it’s actually a (very faint) double rainbow? What does _that_ mean?

  4. Thank you for sharing. Science is awesome! :)
    (7th grade, 9th grade and 10th grade Donna would have been shocked out of her mind to hear adult Donna say that.)

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