Your Midday Cat Picture

Still working on this movie treatment thing (that’s what I’m doing with my day). Here’s a picture of a cat to get you through the rest of your afternoon.

19 Comments on “Your Midday Cat Picture”

  1. Hi John. Is this the “practice” movie treatment that you mentioned a few weeks ago? Or am I confusing it with something else (yet again)?

  2. I think Zeus is just saying to us…”I’m too sexy for my body”…. It’s simple. He’s a male cat, although clipped. Forget the Ukulele. That’s a pipe dream. ;-)

  3. My interwebs are slow … The picture loaded old-school, one line at a time like a printer …. I thought the midday cat picture was a pole cat at first!

  4. Are you sure Zeus isn’t looking cute so his talking monkey thing can give free advertising for his new cat yoga class?

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