Today’s View Out a Hotel Window

As a view, this does not suck.

Hope you’re all having a good Saturday. Tell what your plans for the day are.

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  1. my plans for this Saturday are to celebrate the end of 8 months of straight 3rd shift(lessness). In other words, rum, and/or, irish whisky… and sleep, lots of sleep (or maybe an hour or two depending on what the neighbors do).

    Not sure where your pic is from.. looks kinda east coast-y to me.. so that means it is east coast or on a great lake, South of the Border! ;-)

  2. bah.. since it looks east coast that means it is west coast and/or great lakes-y. blame it on a lack of sleep and too much celebrating.. lol. Hope you are having fun. Hope all Whateverians are having fun :D

  3. Oh, it’s ambitious. Four litterboxes to clean up, a new loaf of bread to bake, laundry, pool cleaning, and if I get really ambitious I’ll prune and shred some of the oleanders — as usual, they came through the winter with no damage but plenty of determination to take over the neighborhood.

  4. Chicago, of course, shame on all of you for not recognizing the Sears Tower. As a Chicagoan (and now Suburban) I’m trying to figure out what hotel that is, and failing… I know about where it is located, but can’t think of a (decent) hotel in that area.

  5. Electronics recycling and hazardous waste. Listening to the opera. Maybe digging some more holes to plant stuff….

  6. Oh, nevermind, I know where that is. Nice digs!

    I’m at work briefly and then heading to the French Market for an artisanal cheese (and other things) festival with my wife and kids. Then hope to finish Elizabeth Bear’s newest, and take the toddler out to the park for a few hours.

  7. Go shopping. (Done)
    Try to stop laughing at the imagery this caused. (References to sex, nothing explicit last I checked.)

  8. Hopefully getting the gardent going to some degree or another, mowed lawns (check), cook ribs, work on bike riding with my 6yo son. Work out. Watch Doctor Who. Watch F1. Do some stuff for work. Spend some quality time with the fam. The usual.

  9. Looking round a 14th century church in Pickering, North Yorkshire, then a nice cosy evening with my wife in a Country Hall hotel – some Cognac may be imbibed whilst watching the sun set (and after).

  10. Went to an open house for the regional animal eye care facility. They had been sharing space with a local vet’s office; having their own place will make a huge difference for them. After that, it was off to the farmers market and the local Sustainability Fair. Lovely day to go out, now contemplating a nap.

  11. Plans for today: Trying to make a tree fall down, stuffing a dozen eggs, wearing only one layer, attending a party, walking in the moonlight.

  12. Got my step-son shipped off to his first duty station this morning, amid tears from all involved. Then to the store, various errands, now watching the Braves lose to the Tigers.

  13. Celebrating Minnesota’s first spring Saturday by dropping in on Dreamhaven Book — the BEST fantasy/science fiction bookstore anywhere — and buying new pulp reprints of Doc Savage, The Shadow, and the Spider, as well as a paperback of a Shepherd Mead SF novel I’ve never heard of, “The Big Ball of Wax.” Good reading ahead.

    And yes, that’s a gorgeous view outside your hotel room window.

  14. Love CHicago (second shaming to those who didn’t recognize that skyline) Its a decent city with a lot to do & great places to eat. You are staying a bit South though I think, I prefer being downtown.

    Since we finally saw the last of the snow this week here on the frozen tundra we will be uncovering the gardens & cleaning up the deadfall. Probably have a nice Sauvignon blanc around a bonfire when it gets dark.

  15. I am in my studio, working on a chasing & repousse piece. The base metal is sterling silver. The piece is a competition/show I am entering and I have to have it finished by May 18 as I have to set up the display on June 1.

  16. Looks like the Hyatt Regency right near McCormick Place. I grew up a few scant blocks from there. I remember looking out a bedroom window on the top floor of our building and watching the Sears Tower going up. Yes, I’m that old.

  17. I staffed a booth at Pet-a-palooza to help educate the public that rabbits can be wonderful companion animals. I am now tired of dealing with the public. (No, we are not here so that your dog can sniff the bunny.) I fired up the grill and plan to resume searching the fridge for what to throw on the grill.

  18. Spent the day here in San Francisco conducting at the All-City Elementary School Music Festival. Probably in the neighborhood of 700 kids playing violin, clarinet, trumpet and flute. Good Times!

  19. I do miss Chicago something terrible. What is your (and this is open to all in the thread) favorite pizza place?

  20. I spent the day fixing some plumbing problems. grrrrr.

    Mmmm… It’s been a while since I’ve had legitimate Chicago style pizza. Tasty.

    If you have a tripod for the camera, you should take another picture at night and get a shot of the eye of sauron glowing between the two spires at the top of Sears Tower. It’s only visible on cloudy nights, but it is beautiful.

  21. I was out in the desert flying high-power rockets with my club. Then I had dinner with my aunt and uncle.

  22. Judging from the shot, you’re withing walking distance of Lou Malnati’s South Loop location. Don’t leave Chicago without going to Lou’s and having The Malnati Chicago Classic. You can thank me later. (Uno sucks. You can get that in Dayton.)

  23. Addendum: Connie’s is OK too, but it ain’t Lou’s.

    Also, “withing” should be “within”.

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