Final Reminder for The Human Division Preorder

If you wanted a signed, personalized edition of The Human Division and you won’t see me on tour, today’s the last day to preorder it from Jay and Mary’s Book Center. Here are the details. Don’t dawdle, folks.

Heading home from Chicago in just a bit. C2E2 was a bundle of fun.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

6 replies on “Final Reminder for The Human Division Preorder”

Scorp: vis free entertainment. The only free entertainment we are entitled
to is /_From/ our parents /_When/ we are teenagers. They say boring things
like “Don’t stick your tongue in the light socket.” Such idiots. Because
_nothing_ can ever go wrong with what [a teenager] wants to do.
Vis free health care. IIRC, I got the idea from things you’ve said that you
are in the good old USA.
Home of Rodney King, Chesley Sullenberger, Timothy McVeigh and good
ole J. Doe (who prefers to get on with life but will join the [army] when ticked
If so, what idiot/’silver tongued devil’ who hasn’t payed attention to reality
_EVER_ are you quoting on the current health care law stuff.
Please note the absence of a “?”
BTW, I mean to offend you at about a 2.3 on a onetaten scale with the
‘teenagers’ comment I aimed at you.

Anyway, wow, WOTE as per is on iTunes:
It sucks that I can’t give WOTE money without installing iTunes.

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