Meet the Renfield

My pals over at Industrial Toys have just released a glimpse of one of the enemies you’ll face in Morning Star, the video game I am working on with them. Meet the Renfield. Yes, he looks goofy. He is goofy. He can also totally murder your ass several times. I know from experience, y’all. Come learn a little bit about him at the Industrial Toys site.

37 Comments on “Meet the Renfield”

  1. Yup, you fixed the pic, thanks! (after all of that lead in, I just HAD to see what the little bastard looked like!)

  2. Whatever it is that is that you are attempting to show us isn’t loading for me.

    I checked on Chrome and Firefox on two computers. My curiosity is starting to burn.

  3. Add that to your list of superpowers: “Ability to crush any website with traffic from raving hordes of fans” :)

  4. Scalzi: I don’t have any mortal enemies at this point.

    Wait, you mean you’re not actually involved in a blood feud with Paul & Storm? I WAS LIED TO.

  5. Jagermonster took a left turn at Albuquerque, and went totally wrong. No hat!

  6. Annalee: “Wait, you mean you’re not actually involved in a blood feud with Paul & Storm? I WAS LIED TO.”

    Were you lied to through song? I hate when people do that.

  7. On the Industrial Toys website they have animation of this guy bouncing around. It’s going to be a real pain to shoot him… so LOTS of fun!!!!

  8. @ Annalee

    John said he doesn’t have any mortal enemies at this point. He never said he didn’t have any mortal enemies at any point.

    Incidentally, to any future RICO prosecutors of the Scalzi organization: I’m available for expect testimony and my rates are very reasonable. I can be reached at [removed by a prudent man with nothing to hide, nothing to hide].

  9. I would so totally feed such a cutey pie crickets and moths.
    Seems like this lady’s armor doesn’t contain a cooling system.
    So her species has been wearing that armor for so long that
    it’s evolved having tongues they can stick out for evaporative
    self cooling.
    An impressive adaptation.

    was trying to come up with something about sticking one’s
    tongue out past teeth like that but, ehh, poor little tongue.

  10. Gulliver April 30, 2013 at 6:27 pm
    (Way to much snippage follows.)
    >Damn you, Autocorrect!!!
    >> expect
    Expect, expert. Meh. Potato, Topatoco, tomato.
    >>man with nothing to hide
    I wear clothing.

  11. Perhaps, like Halo Grunts, the Renfield is going to be very hard to headshot from behind (those hunched shoulders…)

    So you’d better hope the front has a weak spot!

  12. Hallo! I am being called the Renfield. You can call me Ren. Say hello to my leetle friend! You may call him Stimpy.

  13. The goofiness is a feature, not a bug.

    And probably extremely annoying after repeated efforts to eliminate…just one.

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