Some Pictures of the Crabapple Tree For You

Because spring, that’s why. 

More and/or larger pictures are here. And yes, you may use them for computer wallpapers/personal use.

25 Comments on “Some Pictures of the Crabapple Tree For You”

  1. You (or your minions) should upload some of these gorgeous photos to, the (free) online puzzle site. I think lots of folks would have fun working puzzles of your images. :-)

  2. Tiffany Smith:

    I’m just using autofocus on the Nikon 5100, using the standard Nikor 18-55mm lens. I do some adjusting of color in Photoshop.

  3. Gorgeous! I can hardly complain about the beauty of the Bay Area, but sometimes I do miss the ancestral homeland.

  4. Well, I desktopped the Under photo from this site, because I couldn’t from the Flickr page. Is there a trick I’m not aware of? When I right-clicked there, it said Rights Reserved and listed the various sizes. I could look but not click. Still, it’s a lovely pic on my desktop right now.

  5. Daisy looks just lovely in that picture, too.

    The colour is coming to trees down our way too; my Japanese maple has just started to turn golden. The days are mild, and the nights are cool enough for the fire, and red wine. How I love autumn.

  6. Ours (about two hours east of John) look similar. The sad thing is that there’s just one bee in John’s photos, and none in our crabapples. Thirty years ago I would stand under the tree and hear a steady hum as dozens–nay, hundreds–of honeybees filled the branches, plundering the flowers of nectar and pollen. Almost all are gone now.

  7. Really? We’ve still got snow on the ground, and ice on the lakes.

    Looks funny when you see girls in shorts walking past snowbanks :)


  8. We’re having autumn. The various South African bulbs are pretty at this time of year, though. Rain lilies have been popping up after the summer drought.

  9. SIGH. Winter storm warning, snow, sometimes heavy. Its just great living out here on the frozen tundra. They are predicting 80 for Sunday, assuming we make it that far

  10. Do you eat them? My grandparents had crab-apples, and my grandmother would make jam and tarts from the fruit every year.

  11. nickpheas – My grandma used to make crabapple jelly. I miss that old girl.

    Let me tell you all a story that nobody cares about: Gram & I had the same birthday. One day when I was 5 or 6, I remember asking her “Gramma. Was I your birthday present?” She looked at me and replied “Hell, I could’ve used some new dishes.” Gram had a great sense of humor.

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