RT Booklovers Convention Schedule + Human Division Review in RT

Tomorrow I am on yet another plane, to yet another exotic location — this time, mysterious Kansas City! Which is not (mostly) in Kansas! I know, right? I will be there for the RT Booklovers Convention, which I expect to be a ton of fun, frankly. Here’s my schedule:


8:30pm: RT’s 30th Anniversary Formal Ball. I will be wearing pants, y’all.


1:15pm: RT Book Reviews Awards Ceremony. I shall also wear pants for this! It’s a pattern!

5:00pm: Panel — How SF Seduces Your Mind and Heart. Because it does. Often with a Tribble. Other panelists: Stacey Kade, Janet Miller (aka Cricket Starr), Beth Revis, PJ Schnyder, Sarah Zettel.


10:30am – 2:00pm: Giant Book Fair. Rumor has it this will be large. Also, it is the portion of the event open to the public (there is an entrance fee), so if you’re in the KC area and want a book signed, this is when to do it.

6:30pmFAN-Tastic Day Party. I show up to be ogled and adored. As it should be.

If you’re going, see you there. If you are not going, then try to have a nice weekend anyway, okay?

Also, while we’re on the subject of RT Book Reviews, The Human Division is the magazine’s Top Science Fiction Pick for May. w00t! The review is here, and this is the blurb from it: “[A]n immensely entertaining novel… Scalzi’s talent and humor really come through in this story, which will be enjoyed by fans of the series as well as new readers.” Can’t complain about that.


First of May! Time for a Contest! To Win an ARC of The Human Division!

The contest is simple: Caption the picture above, in which Zeus the cat and Daisy the dog are clearly up to something.

One submission (one post, one caption) per person, so make it good — there’s no prize for being first, just best. Entries have to be in the thread attached to this post; if you leave them on Twitter, Facebook, etc, they won’t be considered.  Winner gets an ARC of The Human Division, which I will sign and (if desired) personalize. Open to anyone anywhere on the planet. Contest runs to 11:59:59pm Eastern tonight, May 1, 2013. I’ll pick my favorite caption and announce it in the next couple of days and ship out the ARC next week.


Update: Contest now closed — I’ll look through the entries and announce a winner soon(ish)!

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