SFWA Election Results

In case you missed the Twitter updates about this yesterday, the results of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America board of directors election are in. Steven Gould will be the new president of the organization as of July 1, joining current members Rachel Swirsky, Bud Sparhawk and Lee Martindale (who were re-elected into their positions as VP, Treasurer and South-Central Regional Director, respectively), Matthew Johnson, Jim Fiscus and Cat Valente (Canadian, Western and Eastern Regional Directors) and is newly joined by Susan Forest and Tansy Rayner Roberts (Secretary and Overseas Regional Director).

As the current president, I’m pleased with this outcome. Some of you might remember that I had endorsed him in his candidacy for the presidency, so it’s nice (but honestly not in the least surprising) that the majority of SFWA members who voted agreed with me on this particular matter. I expect very good things from Steven and the next board.

As noted, Steve and the rest of the new board take office on July 1, so I’m still in office for another two months. Most of that time, hopefully, will be given over to helping make a seamless transition from one administration to the next.

After three years at the helm, I’m happy to be handing over the reins; I believe it’s best for the organization for it to have new people in the mix on the board, with fresh perspectives and energy. But I’ve enjoyed being president, and I’m not going to lie; I’ll be a little wistful when I’m done.

This has been a good job. I’m happy that the next guy to have it is a fundamentally good person. Well done, SFWA voters.

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