Obligatory I Am Not Dead Post

Not dead, just traveling. Back to home, this time. Yay!

Hope your Cinco de Mayo is full of Cincosity. No, I don’t know what that means either. But it sounds nice, doesn’t it.

19 Comments on “Obligatory I Am Not Dead Post”

  1. Yesterday I listened to three people arguing about when Cinco de Mayo was.

    To be fair, they might have just been temporally challenged and weren’t sure what yesterday’s date was. Even in this age of smart phones and computer calendars, some people always seem to be unstuck in time.

  2. Not a bad day for travelling home to loved ones.

    I cinco’d my de mayo last night. Today is just beer and BBQ. Which is basically cinco de mayo. Lol

    You know Americans celebrate it with much more fervor than Mexicans.

  3. “Cincosity” = “Fiveness”

    We have booked a week in a 3-star resort at a Mexican beach, and payed the planefare, and checked that our passports are current. I can’t believe when any of my 5,000 Facebook friends announce in advance exactly WHEN they will be away on trips. Hey, 5,000 folks and their cohorts, my home will not be defended by me and my shotgun and phaser and crossbow and samuri swords on the following date. Please help yourselves…

    Of course, when YOU have to Emcee a Worldcon, word gets out…

  4. Not Dead? How am I ever going to get my Zombie Scalzi if you’re going to be doing this “keep on living” stuff?

    *Pushes Chilli Cheese Fries in front of John to hurry along the process*

  5. Thanks, John. Appreciate it. Fact is, I know you’re a busy guy. And today I work and it’s been busy. No harm done.

    ‘Cincosity’ is making my brain sparkly, so here’s a submission for neat new words: rapidamentalism. A condition manifested by people who think so fast their sentences start mid-paragraph. Ra-pi-da-men-ta-lism. Example: Dude, you are making no sense. You’re rapidamental!

  6. May the 4th be with you followed by Cinco De Mayo which is then followed by the revenge of the sixth

  7. And then seven ate nine, and things may get really tenth around here.

  8. My wife got three books signed for me at the conference this weekend. Reading ‘The Android’s Dream’ right now. I had never read any of your books until I bought the books available for a “Humble Bundle” back last fall. My main intention was to get Cory Doctorow’s ‘Pirate Cinema’ but I started ‘Old Man’s War’ and am 2 stand alone’s from having read them all.

  9. 1. I’m very glad you’re not dead.
    2. However, I’m not surprised.
    3. Nonetheless, glad of it.
    4. “What day is Cinco de Mayo this year?”

  10. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. just by accident–seriously–I bought a bottle of Cien porciento de agave–tequila.. none of that mixto stuff allowed in this apartment… well only Sauza Conmemerativo which thankfully has upgraded from mixto to 100% agave! Otherwise, rainy with flood warnings and such… good sleeping weather. Also: superhero weekend!

  11. Well thank eleven for that!

    I too am alive, despite 18 holes and holiday dinner with the in-laws. Well, technically they won’t be my in-laws until after the wedding, but I think of them as my extended fam and they think of me as the nice atheist gringo with whom their daughter is living in sin. Their much happier now that we set a date. I think her mom just wants grandchildren, which our main purpose is apparently to produce, sort of like how the One’s purpose is to liberate humanity.

  12. I wonder if any of your fans would file a missing persons report if you miss a few days of posting. Thanks for saving the tax pay the expense of having the police track you down John. I see you are doing your part to help with the budget.

  13. I believe “cincosity” is the burning need to imbibe mass quantities of imported beer and tequila by people who bear no cultural, ideological, or genetic link to Mexico. Similar to “Patrickosity’ but with different specific beverage cravings and national affiliation.

    Safe travels.