If You Pre-Ordered The Human Division From Jay & Mary’s (And If You Didn’t)

If you did pre-order The Human Division from Jay & Mary’s Book Center, one, your book is in this picture somewhere, and two, I signed it as specified and it will soon be on its way to you. Thank you for supporting my local bookstore, they are awesome and so are you.

If you did not pre-order The Human Division from Jay & Mary’s Book Center and are now filled with regret that you did not get a signed copy from me, there are two things you can do at this point:

One: Call Jay & Mary’s Book Center and order a signed (but not personalized) copy from them, because they have, like, 20 copies that they will put on the shelves on Tuesday. They will send you one! Happily!

Two: Call any of the bookstores that are participating in my book tour, order a copy from them and ask them to have me sign it for you when I get there (that is, if you’re not coming to the event itself, which you should because OH GOD OH GOD WHAT IF NO ONE SHOWS UP TO MY EVENTS).

Either of these works.

In any event, you’ll be able to get one of these babies Real Soon Now. I’m excited! I’m excited for you!

13 Comments on “If You Pre-Ordered The Human Division From Jay & Mary’s (And If You Didn’t)”

  1. Hmm, only seventy or so copies on the table in the picture. And you had to handwrite all those personalized notes? My, you must be suffering a wee bit of writer’s cramp. But since three of those picture are for me and my two grown sons, we thank you, thank you, thank you. And what’s with all this touring? We need you writing! Else, how we can we get our next Scalzi fix. You (your writing that is) is drug, Sir Scalzi. And there is no 12-step group handy (thankfully) to wean us off our addiction. Again, thank you.

  2. Oh so very pretty…
    And a Toronto visit sometime this year would be pretty too…

  3. Why is one missing the cover jacket?
    is it destined to be delivered to a nudist colony?

  4. Never mind, I just noticed that its bound with 2 other books.
    Someone’s book is hitching a ride…..

    one of these things, are not like the others…..

  5. I was excited when I ordered one. And got excited all over again when I saw the charge hit my card. And now you go and reignite the excitement. Thanks again, Mr. Scalzi.


    I mean, I probably see mine, given the probability. Assuming flat distribution (Yes, I realize the books are stacked, but in the words of Austin Powers, “Work with me, people, alright”), I can see 58 books (guesstimate). I’m guessing that there are 24 I cannot see. Which means the probability that I can actually see my autographed copy is (works calculator furiously) 0.707.

    Which is also really close to 1 / sqrt(2). There’s meaning in that. Somehow.

    (regardless, begins to do happy dance…)

  7. Will we be able to bribe you in person next weekend…presumably by pouring numerous cans of over-priced hotel Coke-Zero(r) into your insatiable maw. (ala VOL from season 3 Star Trek TOS)

  8. if Jay and Mary shipped to Europe I have a horrible feeling that *USPS* would have all my money… (last signed book I ordered from the US I paid more in shipping costs than I did for the book). Alas I shall have to wait for amazon to sell me a copy.

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