Daily Archives: May 13, 2013

Dear Los Angeles: My Tour Officially Starts in You Tomorrow, 7:30, Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach!

Yes, Los Angeles, the major metropolitan area of my youth, where I was raised on In-N-Out Double-Doubles and Thrifty ice cream scoops, listened to KROQ and yearned for checkerboard Vans. You are the perfect place to begin my tour. And so I shall, at the Redondo Beach branch of Mysterious Galaxy, tomorrow, May 14. The […]

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The Big Idea: Chelsea Pitcher

A bad thing happens, and we want justice for it. How far would we go for that justice? And what happens if in the pursuit of justice, we are tempted to act injudiciously? It’s the question that confronts author Chelsea Pitcher in her novel The S-Word. CHELSEA PITCHER: I’m a pretty pacifistic person. I don’t […]

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