Reminder: Tomorrow, San Francisco, Borderlands Books, 7pm

And I’m very excited about it, because Borderlands is one of my favorite bookstores in all the land, and it’s always so much fun to be there. Will you be there? You should be! That is, if you’re in the San Francisco area. If you’re, like, in Idaho, it’s okay if you sit this one out. One day I will come to Idaho, I’m sure. But if you’re in or near San Francisco, Borderlands is going to be the place to be.

The details are on Borderlands Books events page; scroll down a little bit.

See you there!

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  1. “Borderlands” Books?

    Will it include your best moves in the Borderlands 2 game?

    Just kidding. Good luck!

  2. i will rillyrillyrilly try to be there, honest this time, no joke, cross my heart. borderlands is in the same ‘hood as my work. if i’m not there, may the Mallet Of Loving Correction smack me down.

  3. I just arrived in San Diego from Detroit. Way too far from San Francisco for a day trip or I’d go to Maker Faire as well!

  4. Ah, well: A) I have other commitments, and B) last time I got as far as the doorway and could just glimpse you and the other 300 lucky people who got to be inside.

    Be well and have a great time.

  5. I spent two years in Idaho. If you ever get the chance to go there, go somewhere else instead.

  6. Ugh, hard call. I could do it, but I really dislike San Francisco. I think flying to Burbank midweek last year to see you (and bring you Coke Zero!) will have to count as two years’ worth of effort.

  7. I hope I’m not the only one who tweeted you that io9 link. But if I was, rest assured you may yell at me next week at Powell’s.

  8. Jay, most parts of Idaho only suck if you think spending time outside in a beautiful place sucks. Of course San Francisco has more bookstores than many towns in Idaho have people, so I understand why Scalzi may consider San Francisco to be a better market!

    As a sometime resident of Idaho, I have heard so many people say silly things regarding the state. My favorite was the woman who said, “You’re from Idaho?! I never thought anyone actually LIVED there! I just thought it was one of those filler states”. I’m not sure what defines a “filler state” but if any state is a filler state, it’s Wyoming. :)

  9. John, have fun (ha, ha) on your book tour. I love Kindle because just after midnight yesterday, “The Human Division” magically appeared on my Kindle. Loved it. (had already bought 3 chapters, and 1 audible chapter. Stopped when I realized I would just buy the whole darn book!)
    Then I bought a couple other short items.
    You are now officially one of my favorite authors, along with Lois McMasters Bujold, David Weber, John Ringo, Eric Flint, and S.M. Stirling.
    Just one comment: you better be writing in your spare time, because I can’t wait to see what happens next!
    Even with 6 favorite authors, you guys aren’t writing fast enough to keep me in books!

  10. Mallet test! Mallet test! is it even warm? Just kidding. I’ll be in SF in two weeks… DARN timing.

  11. OMG pleeeeeaaaaaase come to Idaho! Seriously, it’s gorgeous. Especially Coeur d’Alene.

    (It’s also pretty much as conservative as your home county, so you’d feel right at home!)

  12. I’m planning to be there – reserved copies of the book and everything – but my comrades-in-attendance want to get dinner before the event, and I’m wondering whether we’ll get seats. How early should we show up, do you think?

  13. @Jani I currently live in Idaho and once got a similar reaction to yours – only my friend thought that only potatoes lived in Idaho.

  14. Waah! I live in San Francisco, but I’ve already committed to checking out new roommates. Seeing Scalzi in person is for me like spotting Bigfoot or herding half a dozen cats.

  15. Even if you are in Boise or Albuquerque or Cucamonga, catch a plane, fast train, or stolen horse and get to San Francisco! I was at Scalzi’s book signing, reading, and Q & A last night in L.A. at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore (Redondo Beach to be exact) and it was WONDERFUL! The two pieces he read in full (!), one a story from “The Human Divison” and another a piece from his non-fiction “The Mallet of Loving Correction” were brilliant and hysterical. He had the audience howling (and in a good way). Then if possible, his Q& A was as funny and entertaining. I went in a fan, having read “Redshirts,” “The Android’s Dream,” and “Fuzzy Nation,” and left a true Scalzi fanatic. (Yes, I know where the word “fan” comes from, but you all know what I mean.).
    When he signed my new book, he even spent a minute to tell me a great story from his days as creative consultant on “Stargate: Universe” after I told him how much I enjoyed the show. (The cancellations of it and “Firefly” prove that we do indeed live in deity-free universe.)
    Do yourself a huge favor, and if you can’t get Borderlands, try to make another book signing or go to ANY event where he’s slated to appear and read.

  16. Normally, I never use exclamation points. Really. They’re generally dreadful things, and to paraphrase Terry Pratchett, the sign of a deranged mind. Swear I’m not deranged, but this was the best experience. Just see him if you can.

  17. I’ll be there tonight, traffic gods willing. I’m wandering up from Palo Alto and will be leaving work at 5:30. Hopefully I won’t miss too much. [Also, a book has been set aside for me. Excellent!]

    Now to decide whether I will actually save it for my wife’s birthday in a few weeks… or will “test it” to be sure it’ll be acceptable to her. Royal tasters (er, readers?) are expensive, you know.

  18. Agreed! This was the first author reading I’ve attended and it seems to have set a high bar. (Or maybe they’re all awesome and I was underexposed. Hmm…)

  19. This was my first book signing and it was an incredible experience. I had a blast and you were as funny and friendly in person as I could have hoped for. Thank you for taking the time to personalize my books! You definitely set the bar high, and I can’t wait to have you back in SF so I can listen to one of your readings again.

    And to think, I almost didn’t come because I had heard how busy Borderlands was the last time you stopped by!

  20. It was a ton of fun; I’m super glad I made it. Definitely worth the it despite the fact that I’ll be staying up really late doing the homework that I didn’t do last night. You were hilarious :). I’ve only gone to one other of these things before and that was with Salman Rushdie and this was equally (if not more) awesome. One of my best friend’s mom is a writer who goes on tours pretty regularly and I know it can be a pain for the family and the writer. So I just wanted to say thank you for coming out; it was an incredible experience. And I probably wouldn’t have bothered getting the print copy and just stuck with the ebooks I’d already bought, but I wanted to get it signed and I really do like having physical books with pages and stuff. So yeah you have managed to separate me from a total of $37 on this one book. And I don’t feel the least bit bad about it. So well done you.

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