Daily Archives: May 15, 2013

South Bay: I Am At Book, Inc’s Mountain View Store Tomorrow at 7pm!

The headline says it all, but in case you need more information, here are all the details, including the address of the store. This will also be useful for those of you who are in San Francisco but for some reason can’t make it to see me tonight. Yes, it’s an extra jaunt for you, […]

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Paul Di Filippo Writes Up The Human Division for Barnes and Noble Review

And it’s a very good read (and also a positive review — the two are not always related), looking at THD in the context of the military science fiction genre, and giving readers a useful overview of that storied sub-genre. Here’s the takeaway, which hearkens back to the overview: Entertainingly exemplifying the maxim that “All […]

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My Superpower, Which Happens to Be Useful For My Book Tour

It is: I am almost always able to wake up within five minutes of when I need to wake up. Today is a perfect example. I wanted to be at the airport in time for my flight, which is at 10:20 am. This being LA and me needing to travel on the 405 and return […]

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