South Bay: I Am At Book, Inc’s Mountain View Store Tomorrow at 7pm!

The headline says it all, but in case you need more information, here are all the details, including the address of the store.

This will also be useful for those of you who are in San Francisco but for some reason can’t make it to see me tonight. Yes, it’s an extra jaunt for you, but that will make the appearance all the sweeter, I think. Right? Maybe? Hmmmmm?

Come on by. We’ll see you there.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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W00t! Welcome to Mountain View! If you’re from other parts of the Bay Area and want to come by, the bookstore is about 3 blocks walk from the Caltrain/LightRail station. There’s coffee and sandwich-type food upstairs at the bookstore, or about 25 different cuisines of restaurant (mostly Asian) in the 4-block downtown area. BooksInc is the main bookstore for new books in English; there’s a used bookstore next door with a lot of SF, a NewAgey bookstore across the street, and a Chinese bookstore a block or two away (though I think it’s usually closed at night.)

Only two of the google contingent were wearing google-eyes, er, Google Glass Glasses. But it was a good crowd; didn’t know you could seat more than a hundred in that not very large bookstore.

One of the Glass-wearers was my husband. :) I got there half an hour late myself because I was driving from Berkeley, but he had a much easier time coming from Google, of course. Bill, thanks for the mention of the sandwich cafe upstairs; that’s where we ended up eating while waiting for the signing line to shorten.

While I missed the first reading entirely, I was highly amused that the second reading was a blog post that I’d just reread yesterday. So it was very fresh in my mind.

Saw one person wearing the Gamma Rabbit shirt and another wearing a Coke Zero shirt. Had a nice conversation with that guy and his son (*waves*).

Dangit, Robin, I was hoping to run into you, but I was too braindead (probably .75 of a TourScalzi of mental impairment) to call out for other….Whateverites? Whatevs? Not sure what the collective noun for commenters here is.

Aww, I’m honored! One of my big regrets about not getting to the Borderlands event (before I realized there’d be a Mountain View event) was that I thought you’d be likely to be at that one. But heck, I’d totally be up for meeting you for coffee sometime, pretty much anywhere in the Bay Area — we can ask Scalzi to hook us up via email if you want.

N.b., if you were at the MV store, I was the person standing in the back knitting except for when I was playing with the baby held by the woman near me.

Thank you for the making the stop in Mt. View at one of my favorite book stores! You are an impressive public speaker. Did you always have a gift for speaking to a group or did that take some time? I really enjoyed it and I now have my first author signed book(s), I was happy to bring my God Engines hard copy with me just for kicks. Bravo and safe travels for the rest of your tour!

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